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The social minefield that is 21st century dating.

The theme tune of the series is "Chloe" by Hannah Peel.

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    • Author: Abuseyourdna
    I have seen most of the episodes now and must admit I have found them pretty funny. The approach to treat the viewer as an adult and use language to suit, but not over the top, was refreshing. Some of the story lines were predictable I still enjoyed them.

    The actors and actresses were all top notch and are well known. I especially liked the one with Greg McHugh - I never really got into Gary Tank Commander- but his alpha male portrayal was brill. Gemma Chan was the perfect foil. The ending was a bit weak but you still rooted for Greg even though he was way out his league and obnoxious.

    Great series with great actors.
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    • Author: fr0mTheSkY
    OK.. what would you give for an apartment overlooking London Tower Bridge, such as the one she's living in E9.. a lot, right!! Hand's down, a very good show.. well written (with minor exceptions).. casted.. acted.. and produced. Starting off like all of the shows will be almost independent of each other, then over the course of the few episodes, it all comes smoothly and easily together. You feel sooo comfortable with where you're being taken. The great part about a really well written series is that it has logic to end within any one year, yet has potential to continue on for at minimum the next season. It's unfortunate, for should Dates have maintained the quality shown so far, it could easily have gone forward for another several seasons, entertaining an ever growing audience. The entire cast is perfectly suited… Oona is without a shadow of doubt the choice standout. Notwithstanding the fact only in make believe TV land would anyone be seeking to hook-up with a recently 'quit-the-trade' high-end prostitute (alluring as they may be) with the task at hand of raising several young daughters. In the States try and mirror a show such as this, and would guarantee it would come off with an entirely different and lesser feel… why should that be?!
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    • Author: Kefrannan
    An idea for a TV show based on a date per episode sounded intriguing, and the 1st and 2nd episodes set the bar pretty high - they featured good writing, good acting and an interesting plot. But as the show progressed, the episodes became more and more disappointing - The characters were unrealistic, the plot became like something out of a soap opera, and the poor directing did not help. As a single woman, I watched this show thinking it would embody all that is good and bad in the world of dating, but the premise did not prove itself, and I was left with re-heated plot lines and a big general disappointment. This show could have been fun and moving, sexy and sad - like being single in the 21st century - but it ended being just a cheesy and exaggerate mess.
  • Series cast summary:
    Oona Chaplin Oona Chaplin - Mia 5 episodes, 2013
    Ben Chaplin Ben Chaplin - Stephen 3 episodes, 2013
    Will Mellor Will Mellor - David 3 episodes, 2013
    Gemma Chan Gemma Chan - Erica 2 episodes, 2013
    Sheridan Smith Sheridan Smith - Jenny 2 episodes, 2013
    Orion Lee Orion Lee - Tony 2 episodes, 2013
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