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The Legion of Super-Heroes of the 31st century traveled back to the early 21st century to try to find Superman for help of against powerful group of super-villains in their era. Unfortunately, they traveled too far back and instead finding a young Clark Kent who haven't assume his Superman identity yet. Taking him back to their future, Clark embracing his destiny and helps the Legion in fighting evil like Emerald Empress and upholding the laws of the United Planets before he can return to his own time. A new beginning for the Legions on the second season of the show. With Clark returns to the 21st century and began his role as the Man of Steel, The Legions realizes that they still need Superman within their rank. Enter a mysterious Kryptonian from the 41st century, appears to the be the clone of Superman, arrives to the 31st century to aid the Legions.

This series was originally developed because of Cartoon Network's desire to have a Superman-centric series to coincide with the movie Superman Returns (2006) and Superman as part of the Legion worked for them. When Cartoon Network passed on the show, Kids WB! stepped in and they, too, wanted a Superman-centric series with Superman fresh out of Smallville, learning to be Superman.

Early promotional literature for this series noted that Clark Kent would be called Superboy, as in the comics. However, a recent court ruling awarding copyright to that specific character to creator Jerry Siegel's family prompted Warner Brothers to change the premise by having Clark's superhero identity be simply a young Superman.

The written language in the Legion's time is called Interlac.

A bulk of Legion's animation was done at Korea's Dong Woo and Lotto studios.

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    • Author: Ochach
    With the cancellation of the "Teen Titans" and issuance of the hideously awful "Superman: Brainiac Attacks" simultaneously in 2006, I was sure I was witnessing the final end of the glorious reign of the intelligently-written and superbly-drawn and -scored sequence of DC superhero cartoons beginning in 1991 with Bruce Timm's Batman, and continuing on through the 1990s and 2000s with Superman, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, The Zeta Project, Justice League, and the "high anime" Titans. But just as I was about to curl up in a fetal position shaking from withdrawal, along comes the thoroughly delightful "Leagion of Super-Heroes" which pushes all the right buttons. From the look of especially the second episode, plots are going to be quite adventurous compared to the usually Earth-bound shows of the other series.

    Animation style: I would describe the designs of the various characters as being between those of "New Batman" or Superman and those of the "Teen Titans", but closer to the former (and young Clark Kent wouldn't look at all out of place if he were appearing in a time-traveling episode of Justice League). ***There is NO "high anime" "mugging the camera" -- so "purists" and "fanboys" can take heart.*** The show appears to have a decent budget at least on par with Justice League (or a lesser one more frugally spent) to permit a good score and higher frame-rate polished-up animation which avoids any "only the lips are moving" or "clunky CGI" feelings. There's a noticeable amount of cheap "bouncing cut-outs" in the first episode (I'm guessing Ep1 is partly cobbled from recycled in-house promotional materials) -- but the second episode is a knock-out.

    Target audience is children, but the writing isn't forcibly "dumbed-down" or insulting to the intelligence. If you're hoping to see blood or evil malevolences like Darkseid laying waste to the countryside with omega-beams, you can forget it -- but if you can put your "TV-14+ rating" preferences aside, you'll find you can have a good time on the couch alongside a grade-school kid. Rest-assured: Clark will get blasted, fried, squished, stomped into the concrete, you name it -- all in the very first episode. In short, whole lotta butt-whoopin' just the way there should be in a DC cartoon. The second episode demonstrates that, while red ink won't be overflowing the bathtubs, the series will be capable of creepy and mysterious scripts that'll definitely have little tykes freaked and cartoon-buff adults glued.

    In my opinion, "Legion" is going to be a huge winner -- the creators have obviously done their homework.

    Geek stuff: Care has been taken to not disrupt the "continuity" of the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini "universe" by having the Legion "borrow" Clark Kent as a young man (big teenager?) prior to his even thinking of becoming Superman, and literally promise to bring him right back to the moment after they've left (hopefully after at least fifty episodes!) -- so nothing is "screwed up" by the basic premise. Nifty treat: The reason why Superman's cape is so indestructible may be finally answered. A continuity non-carryover I'm willing to put up with: Superman doesn't need a suit to survive in space.
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    • Author: Shalinrad
    I am a big fan of the Legion of Superheroes TV series and I watched ever episode that they aired on Saturday morning. I like the first 2 seasons and I was expecting more of the conclusion of season 2, since it ended completely with a cliffhanger. I was really disappointed with that. There was suppose to be a season 3 where it would deal with newer characters such as Ferro lad's twin brother would appear, An older Superman, new legionaries such as Blok, Dawnstar, Wildfire, Shadowlass etc, would have active roles in the third season of the show. It would also deal the new reformed Braniac 5.1 who is now organic and how he would be convinced to rejoin the legion again. Another thing was also the appearance of the new evil braniac where he said "evil does not die, it evolves" was also suppose to battle with the reformed braniac and the legion. I was actually expecting those stories to appear for the 3rd season, but it got canceled abruptly.
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    • Author: Vivaral
    I'm surprised this is on Kids WB instead of Cartoon Network, but I was lucky enough to catch the premiere on a second airing. I love that networks do that.

    Anyway -- clearly they're capitalizing just a little bit on the Superman Returns movie, although the movie didn't do all that well, and there isn't all that much to capitalize on.

    ((ETA: I understand that Clark is portrayed as young Superman instead of Superboy because DC is currently in limbo/litigation? about whether they can legally use the name Superboy to describe Superman in his youth.))

    There's continuity here. This episode is very much like the Superman: Animated Series episode wherein the Legion shows up in Smallville to ask for Clark's help. Clark is about to leave Smallville for Metropolis -- it looks as if he's just finished high school and about to head for college. So he's more Superboy on the cusp of becoming Superman.

    The story wasn't bad. It established a handful of the Legionnaires: Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, Triplicate Girl, Bouncing Boy, and Brainiac 5. It mentioned a few more: Shrinking Violet, Colossal Boy, and Cosmic Boy (the latter having appeared in the Superman episode mentioned above). It also established the Fatal Five as the villains of the piece. Getting all this done in thirty minutes, and showing that Clark is still coming to grips with having super powers and learning to use them is no mean feat but I think it was pulled off pretty smoothly.

    The voice acting is also pretty good.

    The design work is impressive. Saturn Girl's telepathic powers are drawn as a variation on Aquaman's -- glowing concentric circles.

    Triplicate Girl is designed as a girl who splits into three costumes, hairstyles, and makeup palettes.

    Lightning Lad has a scar that lights up when he uses his powers.

    The only stylistic that didn't seem to jibe right was Brainiac 5, but I expect that to grow on me.

    Definitely worth a look. Don't let the overly busy opening sequence throw you.
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    • Author: Saithi
    I don't know what times this show airs (I've watched episodes online), but man, it feels like the older Saturday-Morning Cartoons. Right from the flashy, Incredibles-ish theme music, to the often times corny Superhero dialogue.

    And I love every second of it!

    After Teen Titans went off, I'd hoped to find another really good superhero show. This is it! If you are expecting Teen Titans, though, this is not it. A different animation style, different feel, basically everything is different. But different is not a bad thing. Whereas Teen Titans had both its very dark story lines (at times) and its uber-comedic moments, Legion sticks to a straight-forward classic superhero feel. Save the world (or rather, the galaxy).

    Throw into this whole scenario of nostalgia, a bunch of easter eggs/homages for fans of all things DC (especially Superman). Very rich girl named A-LEX-is, who has a special interest in Superman, and later gets her whole head of hair burnt off (not permanently, mind). Hmm...wonder who that could be. On an episode where a being called Drax gets out of the Phantom Zone, he pulls out some unexplained weakness of Clark's (a green rock of some kind) and answers to some supreme being that appears to want out of the Phantom Zone. Could it be...nah....

    I had my doubts at the first episode, I will admit, although I stuck through. First episodes usually leave me in doubt. I don't think I've met a cartoon yet that I've loved since Episode I. But most cartoons that I've actually wanted to check out, I've been happy after the first episode. Legion is no exception. LONG LIVE THE LEGION!

    (Oh, by the way, the first season finale was AWESOME, and season 2 looks like it could be just as much a winner.)
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    • Author: Went Tyu
    Being a long time Legion fan I was truly "worried" about how this would pan out. Well after viewing the first season I can say that ALL my fears were baseless. The producers have taken great care to portrait the Legion properly. I was worried about the team mix as well (Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Braniac 5, Timber Wolf, Phantom Girl and Bouncing Boy ) but it worked and it was mixed enough with other Legion standards that there only seemed to be a static team in press releases only. The producers have done an amazing job at mixing and blending different era's of Legion lore into an extremely cohesive bond and there is enough small touches that long time legion fans can truly appreciate (such as the use of Interlac on display screens). My only real gripe is with Braniac 5 and his robot-like body....It's more suited towards Gears of the DnA era of the Legions history. But in the series it works. And with the season finale of Sundown and seeing all the members of the Legion I can't wait until next season.
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    • Author: Lyrtois
    Originally titled, "Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes," the "Boy" became Superman, reportedly due to the recent verdict in the "Superboy" rights case between DC and the Siegel estate. With that in mind, they did a great job of explaining who the Legion is, without an origin story, and while it's not exactly "Adventure" #247, the spirit is all there. The design of the Fatal Five was great, and they're all used effectively, as are the Legionnaires. Triplicate Girl's "tri-jitsu" really comes alive, and Bouncing Boy was made for animation! The psychic rings of Saturn, emanating latitudinally from Imra's head is a great visual, and while I'd not have taken Brainiac 5 in this route, being a "transformer" who may be an up-grade of the original Braniac, turned good works really well here. I'd have liked to have seen more Legionnaires, but there are more in the opening, and the Mission Monitor Board symbols suggest that we can, and hopefully will, see any of the others, at any time.

    Now if IMDb can just get the credits for the show updated!!!
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    • Author: sunrise bird
    I had gotten out of the habit of waking up before noon on Saturdays as I grew older and shows became less and less impressive. Then came Legion of Super Heroes. This show is a real treat. The animation is highly stylized, though not distracting, and the themes are surprisingly deep for a children's cartoon (but, believe me, this is a very good thing!). That doesn't mean it's violent, though. While the characters get knocked around fairly often (This is a super hero show, after all.), there's no more violence than one could expect from any other Y7-rated program. The characters are very realistic. Not only do they speak like real people, but they're constantly growing, changing, and capable of error. "Legion of Super Heroes" also gives some nods to the comic books and Superman mythos (For example, in a bout of insanity, Brainy exclaims, "Red ants! Red ants! Superman shouldn't play with red ants."), so it's enjoyable for kids and comic book fans alike. Unfortunately, it was cancelled after season two.
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    • Author: Oreavi
    This show is definitely an amazing DC show with an awesome theme which took some getting use too back in season 1, the great art style of animation and amazing character with really good voice actors.

    This show is like, a combination of Justice League and Teen Titans in one show the Justice League part where they have a watch tower and the Teen Titans part where the team members are teenagers.

    I really wish this show had a season 3 we could have seen what happened to Brainiac after when exploded and said: "Evil does not die it evolves!" and heck we could have had even more good voice actors on this show like Kevin Micheal Richardson, Phil Lamarr and Dee Bradley Baker.

    I would say give this show a go.
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    • Author: BeatHoWin
    First off let me start by saying this is most definitely not a Justice League it doesn't even come close to being in the same Galaxy. I'm not a fan of the childalization of super heroes and this is a show confirms my feelings that it's just a stinky thing to do. The show seems to depend heavily on the popularity of superman and should be called something like "super tweeny man and his amazing lackluster friends from the future" The rest of the legion of super kids are very much unremarkable much as the entire concept of the show. Just say no kids and perhaps they will scrap this pile of don't, don't bother and give us some real super hero action
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    • Author: Rindyt
    I could never understand it, what went wrong? What did Batman: TAS and Justice League/unlimited both have in common? A respective display of teamwork, good dialogue and visual display of characters that made the show look it was aiming to reach more than just children. Both of the two shows excelled in art and a respectable script. The legion of super heroes is a blatant attempt to cash in on the teen Titans. And I only liked that show because at the start of the season its episodes were telling but it went downhill, all too willing to settle for melodramatic one shot story episodes in later seasons. It was still good though, Slade helped add the serious tone and each character actually had character development.

    The legion of superheroes falls flat for two key reasons: The first is that the legion was poorly depicted in JLU anyway and that many like me expected supergirl to appear in the legion series as to continue from the JLU.

    The second, that with other then the name of bouncing boy being really lame, it's not really about the legion but a shameless hero worship and let's all relay on superman/teen or whatever. There is no real foe or a villain worthy enough to be superman's rival, given superman: TAS and JLU gave us darkseid, one can only imagine who could fill the next big villain boots. Answer? No one.

    The animation is awful, whatever happened to shows that made decent attempts in detailed drawings? Surely the legion has more talented heroes then the names already given, a lot of the characters are very generic, no defining element? Thin bodied and all big heads? That's the art style as a whole with powers and such that you would have already seen it all before and kids would have as well. Again it doesn't help when it's all about superman, if DC wants to expand with their media then they have to do more, not just focus on lesser characters but give those the characters the decent animation drawings, plot and script they need.
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    • Author: Hudora
    Although fans will still be able to get their fix for animation from the DC universe, this show has truly fallen short of expectations.

    There's too many inconsistencies with original story lines... even from the recent episode from Justice League on this team just less than a year ago. One MAJOR one is that Braniac 5 is supposed to be the futuristic organic descendant of Brainiac, and instead he's cybernetic like his predecessor! Aside for the new style, the loss of Legion of Superheros consistencies and the ridiculous amount of reruns so soon in the season, at least we have something we have something from the DC universe we can watch.

    Additionally, the story lines are silly and child-like focusing on reincarnations of old DC characters, like "Alexa" a female teenage version of Lex Luthor in the future.

    Bah, bring back Unlimited!
  • Series cast summary:
    Yuri Lowenthal Yuri Lowenthal - Superman / - 25 episodes, 2006-2008
    Andy Milder Andy Milder - Lightning Lad / - 24 episodes, 2006-2008
    Kari Wahlgren Kari Wahlgren - Saturn Girl / - 22 episodes, 2006-2008
    Adam Wylie Adam Wylie - Brainiac 5 / - 20 episodes, 2006-2008
    Shawn Harrison Shawn Harrison - Timber Wolf / - 16 episodes, 2006-2008
    Michael Cornacchia Michael Cornacchia - Bouncing Boy / - 14 episodes, 2006-2008
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