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The entire wagon train crew waits outside Beaver City for a woman who calls herself Delphine who wants to join the wagon train. She shows up in a patent medicine wagon escorted by several men led by Mayor Hadden from Beaver City who tells the crew Delphine is a con woman who leaves with them or spends six months in the Beaver City jail. All but Charlie vote for taking her on to liven up the wagon train. Madame Sagittarius, a fortune teller and psychic, is suspected of being a con woman by the rest of the passengers on the wagon train who take to ignoring her. Particularly hostile is the father of a young woman who wants to keep his daughter from a young man of whom he disapproves. Charlie softening toward Delphine begins bringing her food and sewing clothes for her. When Charlie brings the young couple to Delphine, she takes them in and shelters the young couple. Wooster's takes a liking to the Madame, and soon the two develop a romance and plans to wed.

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    • Author: MisterQweene
    Thelma Ritter with her deadpan acting steals the show in the title role of this Wagon Train story. She has a fortune telling act and she's being escorted out of town by Mayor Richard Deacon who brings her to John McIntire and asks him to take her out of town. The scene with the officious Deacon, the deadpan Ritter and wagonmaster McIntire is worth seeing alone.

    Once she joins she makes enemies with the pilgrims who want warranties on her predictions. Only Frank McGrath speaks up for her. In particular she helps unite a Romeo and Juliet pair of young lovers Doug Lambert and Zeme North.

    Charlie Wooster in a rare occasion is given a bit of romance and Frank McGrath looks like he's enjoying the change. But Thelma Ritter is just outstanding in this story.
  • Episode cast overview:
    John McIntire John McIntire - Christopher Hale
    Frank McGrath Frank McGrath - Charlie Wooster
    Terry Wilson Terry Wilson - Bill Hawks
    Denny Miller Denny Miller - Duke Shannon (as Scott Miller)
    Thelma Ritter Thelma Ritter - Madame Delphine Sagittarius
    Douglas Lambert Douglas Lambert - Dennie Hallock (as Doug Lambert)
    Zeme North Zeme North - Fessie Morgan
    Richard Deacon Richard Deacon - Mayor Hadden
    Raymond Greenleaf Raymond Greenleaf - Preacher
    Gail Bonney Gail Bonney - Mrs. Hallock
    Murvyn Vye Murvyn Vye - Jeb Morgan
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