» » Отчет о буйстве духов Yon Jigen Yashiki Ni Hisomu Wana (1992–1995)

Short summary

Yusuke has been kidnapped by three humans. Schoolboys, no less, but not ordinary. Following Yusuke's abduction, Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara find themselves formally invited to come meet with the kidnappers.

Episode credited cast:
Nozomu Sasaki Nozomu Sasaki - Yûsuke Urameshi (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Laura Bailey Laura Bailey - Keiko Yukimura (FUNimation dub) (voice)
Dave Bridges Dave Bridges - Hiei (Animax Asia dub) (voice)
John Burgmeier John Burgmeier - Kurama (voice)
Jakie Cabe Jakie Cabe - Yu Kaito a.k.a. Taboo (voice)
Shigeru Chiba Shigeru Chiba - Kazuma Kuwabara (voice)
Justin Cook Justin Cook - Yusuke Urameshi (FUNimation dub) (voice)
Cynthia Cranz Cynthia Cranz - Botan (FUNimation dub) (voice)
Sarah Hauser Sarah Hauser - Botan (Animax Asia dub) (voice)
Nobuyuki Hiyama Nobuyuki Hiyama - Hiei (voice)
Chuck Huber Chuck Huber - Hiei (FUNimation dub) (voice)
Andrea Kwan Andrea Kwan - Shizuru Kuwabara (Animax Asia dub) (voice)
Sanae Miyuki Sanae Miyuki - Botan
Candice Moore Candice Moore - Koenma (voice)
Tomomichi Nishimura Tomomichi Nishimura - Narration (voice)
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