» » Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files Reikai no Koenma! Fukkatsu e no Shiren (1992–1995)

Short summary

In Spirit World, Yusuke meets Koenma, the toddler-appearing son of King Yama, who presents Yusuke a chance for coming back to life through a spirit egg that will feed off his soul's energy. If Yusuke's energy is good, a spirit beast will hatch that will guide him; if not good, a monster will emerge to devour him. In the meantime Yusuke struggles to tell those closest to him in the living world not to cremate his body.

Episode credited cast:
Laura Bailey Laura Bailey - Keiko Yukimura (FUNimation dub) (voice)
Justin Cook Justin Cook - Yusuke Urameshi (FUNimation dub) (voice)
Christopher Sabat Christopher Sabat - Kazuma Kuwabara (FUNimation dub) (voice)
Cynthia Cranz Cynthia Cranz - Botan (FUNimation dub) (voice)
Sean Teague Sean Teague - Koenma (voice)
Kent Williams Kent Williams - Narrator (voice)
Meredith McCoy Meredith McCoy - Atsuko Urameshi (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Brice Armstrong Brice Armstrong - Additional Voices (voice)
Ed Blaylock Ed Blaylock - Additional Voices (voice)
Chris Cason Chris Cason - Miyamoto (voice)
Shigeru Chiba Shigeru Chiba - Kazuma Kuwabara (voice)
Sarah Hauser Sarah Hauser - Botan (Animax Asia dub) (voice)
Kyle Hebert Kyle Hebert - Okubo (voice)
Carol Hope Carol Hope - Additional Voices (voice)
Bradford Jackson Bradford Jackson - Additional Voices (voice) (as Brad Jackson)
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