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What are the Odds? is the charming story of two young mathematicians who come to New York City for a conference and keep bumping into each other. Through mathematics, they determine that their repeated encounters must be the work of fate, but is it? This short film, shot in Manhattan on 16mm film, is a delightful tribute to New York City, to the romantic order of the universe, and to those forces that even mathematics can't explain.

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    • Author: BlackBerry
    I recently returned from the San Francisco Independent Film Festival where I saw a delightful short film called, "What are the Odds?". This witty, romantic comedy attempts to answer the question, "Is life just a series of events rationalized through mathematical statistics; or, does fate truly exist?" Of all the films I viewed during the festival, I found "What Are The Odds?" to most exemplify all the ingredients of a quality short. This film has it all: charming characters, intelligent writing, strong directing, and above all, heart. Of particular note is the use of animation sporadically throughout the film, which added a whimsical, playful quality. A pleasure to watch, I highly recommend this little gem to anyone in need of a smile.
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    • Author: Buridora
    I recently saw What are the Odds? at the 8th Annual Sarasota Film Festival. It was situated in a series of shorts, but What are the Odds easily stuck out as my favorite. The animated credit sequence was so sleek I thought the film itself would disappoint, but it didn't - quite the opposite! The story was smart and fun, the production value was pro; it is a little treasure of a film. I was truly taken by the use of color in their production design. The editing and the score interlaced beautifully to set the quick tempo opposite Justin Spitzer's whimsical script. Jessica Arinella and Christopher Borg had an adorable and infectious chemistry, and Matthew Tritt's direction allowed them to shine. On the Leesh Productions certainly is a new talent on the film scene. I can't wait to see what this team does next!

    • a filmmaker in Sarasota
  • Credited cast:
    Jessica Arinella Jessica Arinella - Jill
    Christopher Borg Christopher Borg - Paul
    Desmond Dutcher Desmond Dutcher - Jill's Painter
    Louise Rozett Louise Rozett - Paul's Painter
    Rebecca Sheir Rebecca Sheir - MILF
    Ashley Springer Ashley Springer - Magician
    Billy Strong Billy Strong - Hot Dog Vendor
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