» » Nueva York (2009)

Short summary

This short paints a picture of different Hispanics, in different situations, and how they all interconnect with each other within the canvas that is New York City. The story interweaves the lives of different U.S Hispanics who live in New York and how they overcome, how they triumph, how they provide for their families, how intrinsically tied they are to their new city, how their Latino "know-how" helps them survive. New York City is as much part of the story and as important as what happens to all of our characters. This short is designed to reveal the inter-connectivity between all of us and the universal truths that unite us.

Credited cast:
Leah Applebaum Leah Applebaum - Civil Liberties Lady
Sebastian Barreto Sebastian Barreto - Mexican Son
Arturo Del Puerto Arturo Del Puerto - Spaniard
Candice Fernandez Candice Fernandez - Puerto Rican Daughter
Laura Gómez Laura Gómez - Puerto Rican Mom (as Laura Gomez)
Israel Hernandez Israel Hernandez - Mexican Husband
Javier Kato Javier Kato - Venezuelan Husband
Nicole Lee Nicole Lee - Flowershop Girl (as Nicole Amarellis Lee)
Javier Marquez Javier Marquez - Dominican Son
Fergal O'Gorman Fergal O'Gorman - Business Owner
Summer Powers Summer Powers - Puerto Rican Daughter
Carolina Ravassa Carolina Ravassa - Colombian Wife
Julissa Roman Julissa Roman - Mexican Wife
Andronika Zimmerman Andronika Zimmerman - Puerto Rican Daughter (as Andie Zimmerman)
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