» » Corner Madison and State Streets, Chicago (1897)

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"The busiest corner in Chicago. Cable cars and street traffic of all descriptions. Hundreds of shoppers. Fine perspective view looking north toward the Masonic Temple."

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    • Author: Modigas
    Corner Madison and State Streets, Chicago (1897)

    Early Edison short takes us to what many (at the time) called the busiest street corner in Chicago. This film runs a brief 25-seconds but we get to see cable cars, a couple protesters and of course hundreds of people trying to cross the street. It goes without saying that one shouldn't expect "entertainment" out of of 25-second movie except for its historic value. I always love watching these old films just to see how stuff really did look in 1897. Yes, we could watch a film made today that takes place in 1897 but it just wouldn't be the same as seeing a real picture from that time. Not only do we get to see the cars and the people but seeing what they wore is interesting as is how they act in front of the camera.
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