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Short summary

ONAIRUS' CORNER is DARK COMEDY SKIT SHOW based on Dreams, Daydreams, and Opinions. Look into Onairus and his cognitive Cronies minds of everything from life to death, love to hate, sour to sweet, fighting to hugging, and laughing to crying.

Most of Onairus' Corner was filmed inside the notorious Dr. Suzy Blocks Studios. Onairus (Antonio Suriano) lived there while producing the show, utilized the 14ooo square foot loft space to film. He paid his rent by directing calls to sex therapists and by donating the use of his camera to Dr. Suzy's weekly sex talk show.

Series cast summary:
Shane Andrew Shane Andrew - Actor in Dress / - 3 episodes, 2011
Armen R. Pogosyan Armen R. Pogosyan - HHH Man, Vato Pachuli, Back Seat Guy / - 3 episodes, 2011
Tony Suriano Tony Suriano - Bored Guy 2 / - 3 episodes, 2011
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