» » Alias Smith and Jones Don't Get Mad, Get Even (1971–1973)

Short summary

Heyes is cheated at poker by big, obnoxious Wheelwright. Georgette Sinclair, in the second of three appearances, is hired to help Heyes carry out the title phrase, which Heyes utters while leaving. "Wheelwrong" also cheats George and gives her a literal horselaugh when she tries to bewitch him with a string of pearls. The group goes to Silky O'Sullivan, who lent them the necklace to begin with, and after enduring his rage talk him into lending them money to "ransom" the necklace.

This episode had the shortest "lead time" of any show in the series; filming wrapped a mere 15 days before the scheduled broadcast and 14 of those days were spent in editing, re-dubbing and other post-production chores.

Episode cast overview:
Ben Murphy Ben Murphy - Jed 'Kid' Curry (alias Thaddeus Jones)
Roger Davis Roger Davis - Hannibal Heyes (alias Joshua Smith)
Michele Lee Michele Lee - Georgette Sinclair
Robert Middleton Robert Middleton - Verle Wheelwright
John Banner John Banner - Otto
Walter Brennan Walter Brennan - Silky O'Sullivan
Gregg Palmer Gregg Palmer - Fermin
Karen Smith Karen Smith - Fanny Turpin
Dave Morick Dave Morick - Hotel Clerk
Sonny Shields Sonny Shields - Holdup Leader (as Eugene Shields)
Monty Laird Monty Laird - Fargo
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