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Bellamy leads the charge investigating a potential way home. Meanwhile, Clarke and Madi deal with the new, uncertain threat to their home.

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    • Author: I_LOVE_228
    This season is absolutely incredible so far, with each episode topping the last! 5x03 had insane twists & turns, some crazy action, lots of great character development, and an epic ending. Bellamy meeting Madi & find out Clarke's alive gave me shivers, along with the much-anticipated Bellarke reunion at the end. Bellamy sure does know how to negotiate.. ;)

    Sleeping Giants set up the plot for the rest of Season 5 & oh my it looks like it'll be a crazy one!

    10/10 episode!
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    • Author: Katishi
    This season seems like I'm watching another TV show, the writing has improved drastically. There a lot of reasons this season is(in my opinion) the best in the series. But to me what this series lacked(espically in season one) was a villian, yes there was the grounders and the mountian men. But it never felt like there was one character we hated. However this season there's Charmaine(played beautifully by Ivana Milicevic) and I hope that she stays for a while becuase this series needs a strong villian to challange our protegenists. Even the hard-core fans have to admit that the "world is ending" story line was being overused. But now the series is digging down on it's roots; survival. I want to see more flashbacks(never thought I'd say that), as the relationship between Clarke and Maidi might be the backbone of this season.

    Murphy staying behind was unexpected, he's the most underrated character in the show and I'm curious to see what capacity they use him in. When I started this series Jasper(R.I.P.) was my favorite becuase he was the comic-relief and Murphy is slowly starting to fill that void. I'm impressed with how the writers are focusing on one character at a time this season, I might be in the minorty but I think it's paying off. The only reason I'm praising this series so much is becuase it's rare for a show to improve so much as it progresses. Most of my favorite shows dropped in quality as they progressed. But if someone asks me what series has the best character devolpment, I might just point to this show. The only reason this show is not as acalaimed as other CW hits(Flash,Arrow) is becuase of how many people gave up on it when the series started and I don't blame them, but this isn't the same show it was when it aired. If they could have given it the chance I did, it would have been more then worth it. As this season would give any CW show a run for it's money, heck it might even put some major TV shows to shame.
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    • Author: Yainai
    This show is back, like it never was before.The Bellarke reunion was fantastic and I cant wait for the reunion with the bunker.
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    • Author: Konetav
    Great plot and character development! Season 5 definitely will be the best one yet. Can't wait for the rest of it!!!
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    • Author: Thetath
    Spacekru tries to find a way down to earth, where Clarke and Madi struggle to survive.

    I am absolutely impressed with how good this season has been up until this point. There was no weak episode yet. I definitely hope this will continue.

    I loved the character dynamics, though I am a bit confused and annoyed with what happened to Murphy and Emori. The action was superb, the choreography was spot on, the acting was great... And the ending was freaking amazing. Why isn't it a 10/10 then? I honestly don't know. But it somehow did not capture me as much as "Red Queen" did, so I had to express that somehow. But other than that, it is an amazing episode and I can't wait for the next one.
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    • Author: Kanal
    This season is gonna bee the best one, there great episodes. I don't know what to say. I can't wait for the best episode so we can see more action and reunions. 10/10
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    • Author: Defolosk
    Great episode, from the start to finish. Season 5 has delivered and at this pace, will be the best season by far.
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    • Author: Zovaithug
    This has probably been the best episode so far in the whole series! I loved how Madi met with Bellamy and the others after saving them and telling them that Clarke was alive which came as such a chock to them cause they had all bern thinking she had been dead for the last 6 years, and even tho I am not a Bellarke fan (Clarke and Bellamy) I really loved how Bellamy and Clarke met! I am so going to rewatch this episode many times!!!
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Eliza Taylor Eliza Taylor - Clarke Griffin
    Paige Turco Paige Turco - Dr. Abigail Griffin (credit only)
    Bob Morley Bob Morley - Bellamy Blake
    Marie Avgeropoulos Marie Avgeropoulos - Octavia Blake (credit only)
    Lindsey Morgan Lindsey Morgan - Raven Reyes
    Christopher Larkin Christopher Larkin - Monty Green
    Richard Harmon Richard Harmon - John Murphy
    Tasya Teles Tasya Teles - Echo
    Henry Ian Cusick Henry Ian Cusick - Marcus Kane (credit only)
    Chelsey Reist Chelsey Reist - Harper McIntyre
    Luisa d'Oliveira Luisa d'Oliveira - Emori
    Ivana Milicevic Ivana Milicevic - Charmaine Diyoza
    William Miller William Miller - Paxton 'Graveyard' McCreary
    Jordan Bolger Jordan Bolger - Miles Ezekiel Shaw
    Lola Flanery Lola Flanery - Madi Griffin
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