» » Thuis Episode #17.47 (1995– )

Short summary

Nancy confirms Rafael's alibi in front of the police. He was at her place all evening and night the day Fien disappeared. The police thinks it's all a bit strange, but can't do much. Guy and Luc are at lunch at the Noorderzon when Jens steps in. He asks Luc if he wants to put up posters of Fien. They also overhear Jens, Katrien and Julia talking about Rafael and that he has been questioned in connection with Fien. Julia doesn't trust Rafael anymore and warns Katrien again. Guy wants to know more about Rafael. Luc tells Guy a bit about Rafael's father Mike. He hopes Rafael is not like Mike. The police also ask Femke about what happened between Rafael and Fien that day at the Noorderzon. She says they parted in a normal way, but doesn't know what they did after they left. Femke goes to Rafael and Nancy and hears about their false alibi. Rafael assures her he has nothing to do with Fien's disappearance. She remembers Nancy pounding on her door that night, because she didn't know where ...

Episode credited cast:
Astrid Annicaert Astrid Annicaert - Gitta Thys
Muriel Bats Muriel Bats - Mayra Magiels
Chris Boni Chris Boni - Yvette Backx
Myriam Bronzwaar Myriam Bronzwaar - Julia Van Capelle
Maarten Claeyssens Maarten Claeyssens - Rafael Campo
Jelle Cleymans Jelle Cleymans - Jens De Belder
Pol Goossen Pol Goossen - Frank Bomans
Erik Goris Erik Goris - Guy De Herdt
Jef Hoogmartens Jef Hoogmartens - Franky Bomans
Geert Hunaerts Geert Hunaerts - Peter Vlerick
Tine Laureyns Tine Laureyns - Inspecteur Lena Boons
Jeroen Lenaerts Jeroen Lenaerts - Tim Cremers
Tina Maerevoet Tina Maerevoet - Paulien Snackaert
Marleen Merckx Marleen Merckx - Simonne Bomans-Backx
Walter Moeremans Walter Moeremans - Leo Vertongen
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