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Short summary

Bobby Svenson, serving a 30 year sentence for a revenge gangland murder, is offered the chance of an early release and to be reunited with his wife and daughter. Bobby has the dormant ability to enter into people's minds and souls. If he can step into the minds of two serial killers, who have resisted every kind of known interrogation, and reveal their dark murderous secrets, then Bobby goes free. But in doing so Bobby puts his mind, his soul, his life and those he loves in danger. The danger of being trapped in a never ending violent nightmare. The serial killers, Bluebell and Abel, are highly intelligent, dangerous and unpredictable. Relocated to a secret and remote security facility run by two enigmatic agents, Jack and Jill, Bobby soon comes to realize that nothing is what it seems. The only person he can seemingly trust is his lifelong friend, Ramon. The problem is that Bobby can't even be sure that Ramon is real - or anyone else in this new world. Nothing is as it seems - nor is...

Series cast summary:
Holt Boggs Holt Boggs - Jack 5 episodes
Ada Dumitru Ada Dumitru - Bluebell 5 episodes
Iulia Dumitru Iulia Dumitru - Maggie 5 episodes
Simona Maicanescu Simona Maicanescu - Jill 5 episodes
Louis Mandylor Louis Mandylor - Bobby Svenson / - 5 episodes
James Marshall James Marshall - Ramon 5 episodes
Marius Stanescu Marius Stanescu - Abel Brown 5 episodes
Anca Marginean Anca Marginean - Senior Trustee 4 episodes
Emma Bercovici Emma Bercovici - Raffaella 3 episodes
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