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An ex-slave trader struggles to live a reformed life as a lowly interplanetary cargo hauler. Stranded and broke, he faces his dark past and difficult ethical choices in a desperate attempt to provide a better life for his daughter.

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    • Author: Crazy
    I had the privilege of watching a private screening of The Shipment. It was a 30 plus minute gem of a short film direct by Bobby Bala. I do not want to give too much away and spoil it for anyone. All I can say is it is a masterpiece in directing and filmmaking from all aspects. I am sure festivals will be picking up this film very soon as well and awards. Acting was A + with a unique storyline one needs to experience on their own. Very fitting short film for this day and age and an absolute must see! 10/10!
  • Cast overview:
    Aleks Paunovic Aleks Paunovic - Kaidan Katar
    Ishana Bala Ishana Bala - Zohra
    Robert Maillet Robert Maillet - Rotik
    Omari Newton Omari Newton - Etienne
    Adrian Petriw Adrian Petriw - Mechanic
    Jacques Lalonde Jacques Lalonde - Ship Broker
    Jason Asuncion Jason Asuncion - Slavekeeper
    George Boutros George Boutros - Male Slave
    Delia Tatiana Delia Tatiana - Female Slave
    Leanne Khol Young Leanne Khol Young - Teacher
    Jesse Fryer Jesse Fryer - Soldier 1
    James Swalm James Swalm - Soldier 2
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