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When the boys decide to ignore Cartman, he assumes that he is dead, and enlists Butters to help him make up for his past sins.

In the graveyard where Scott Tenorman mourns his parents there are five tombstones near Mr and Mrs Tenorman's with the names of A. Kutcher, K. Bryant, J. Jameson, L. Lohan and P. Hilton written on them.

Stan, Kenny, and Kyle are playing a board game with the name "LIVING" on it. The fictional game is modeled, right down to colors and layout, after the Parker Brothers game LIFE.

First episode to have a graphic sex scene between Ms. Cartman and someone else, she is getting anal from the plumber making our orgasms Eric mistakes as sobbing

Episode cast overview:
Trey Parker Trey Parker - Stan Marsh / Eric Cartman / Delivery Man #3 / Jimmy Valmer / Clyde / Man in Street / Stephen Stotch / Doctor / Tom the News Reader / News Reporter / Man in Crowd / Sergeant Yates / Murderer #1 / Murderer #2 / Policeman #2 (voice)
Matt Stone Matt Stone - Kyle Broflovski / Kenny McCormick / Delivery Man #1 / Delivery Man #2 / Craig Tucker / Butters / Policeman #1 / Murderer #3 (voice)
Adrien Beard Adrien Beard - Token Black (voice)
April Stewart April Stewart - Sharon Marsh / Liane Cartman / Woman in Street / Doctor Lindsay (voice) (as Gracie Lazar)
Mona Marshall Mona Marshall - Linda Stotch (voice)
Isaac Hayes Isaac Hayes - Chef (credit only)
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