» » Aardekütt Vampire's Kiss (1999–2002)

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Czechoslovakia, 1720: A Satan-worshiper escapes from his hunters. Trinity College, 2001: Lucas Blackmer, a babe-magnet, professor and a novelist asks Sydney to help find Vlad Tepes' lost relic. And he isn't the only one after it.

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    • Author: Usishele
    Blackmer (Adrian Paul), a writer of best selling vampire novels, is rumored to be a vampire himself. He gives lectures on the subject of seduction, no surprise that Sydney finds herself strangely attracted to him. Blackmer invites Sydney to come with him to the Czech Republic (the titles wrongly say Czechoslovakia) on the search for a magic chalice that probably once belonged to Vlad Tepes aka Dracula. Karen and Nigel do not trust Blackmer and decide to investigate on their own.

    Vampires used to be an interesting subject for movies in the 1970s, but the wave of recent TV series and movies (after „Interview with the Vampire" gave a new commercial push to the decaying genre) made this episode almost unfit for consumption to me. Pardon the pun. Anyhow, despite the subject, an OK episode.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Tia Carrere Tia Carrere - Sydney Fox
    Christien Anholt Christien Anholt - Nigel Bailey
    Tanja Reichert Tanja Reichert - Karen Petrusky
    Adrian Paul Adrian Paul - Lucas Blackmer
    Lawrence Bayne Lawrence Bayne - Kantor
    Chris Britton Chris Britton - Tobias
    Sheri Godfrey Sheri Godfrey - Girl #1
    Kimberly Gale Kimberly Gale - Girl #2
    Maya Toman Maya Toman - Attendant
    Vieslav Krystyan Vieslav Krystyan - Warrior
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