» » Game Shakers Babe's Bench (2015– )

Short summary

Babe blows the entire Game Shakers ad budget on a high-tech bus bench, only to find out the bench is a magnet for low-life's and weirdos.

Episode credited cast:
Cree Cicchino Cree Cicchino - Babe Carano
Madisyn Shipman Madisyn Shipman - Kenzie Bell
Benjamin Flores Jr. Benjamin Flores Jr. - Triple G
Thomas Kuc Thomas Kuc - Hudson Gimble
Kel Mitchell Kel Mitchell - Double G
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Aris Alvarado Aris Alvarado - Man Baby
Natisha Anderson Natisha Anderson - Fanny
Sheldon Bailey Sheldon Bailey - Ruthless
Tom Beyer Tom Beyer - Pitz
Justin Chu Cary Justin Chu Cary - Lumpy
Antony Del Rio Antony Del Rio - Sausage
Bubba Ganter Bubba Ganter - Bunny
Melanie Mosley Melanie Mosley - Giselle
Jo Osmond Jo Osmond - Ballerina
Philip Smithey Philip Smithey - Joe the Dingbat (as Philip A.J. Smithey)
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