» » Aureole (2015)

Short summary

A short film about self-love and the difficulties of love to other people. An aureola is the almond-shaped light phenomenon around the body of a saint in classical, religious representations. Based on this motive, the film discovers the perception of other people in comparison to oneself - the self-perception in love and hatred of ones own body.

Credited cast:
Daria Hasse Daria Hasse - Friend at the Lobby
Maria Radomski Maria Radomski - Friend at the Lobby
Siegrid Richter Siegrid Richter - Mother
Kinga Schmidt Kinga Schmidt - Asa
Marc Schöttner Marc Schöttner - Julian
Moritz Stephan Moritz Stephan
Frank Strobel Frank Strobel - Father
Henning Vilbrandt Henning Vilbrandt - Skinned
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