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Short summary

Nikki Henderson thought Jacob Meyers was the perfect guy for her. However in this film, perfection doesn't exist.
Blinded by Love is a suspense drama film about the intensity of love and the consequences of being in love. For Nikki Henderson, there was no greater love than her feelings for senior Jacob Meyers. He was everything she wanted in a guy; but as the saying goes looks can be deceiving.

Credited cast:
Alex Raymond Alex Raymond - Jacob Meyers
Christopher Hunt Christopher Hunt - Frank Burton
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Brad Amos Brad Amos - Jeff Gilmore
Tony Bartele Tony Bartele - Greg Hunter
Ja'Taun Durden Ja'Taun Durden - Jasmine Sanders
Chris Grayson Chris Grayson - Caleb Wilson
Dija Henry Dija Henry - Allison Winters
Kendell Hoyle Kendell Hoyle - Michael Kramer
Dustin Lawson Dustin Lawson - Sheriff Cox
Zoey Lynn Zoey Lynn - Gretchen Carter
Payton Patrone Payton Patrone - Bridgette Malloy
Ransom Pugh Ransom Pugh - Edward Mateo
Alexa Raye Alexa Raye - Nikki Henderson
Denise Reiter Denise Reiter - Ms. Rogers
Hannah Roberts Hannah Roberts - Kate Kramer
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