» » Seirei no moribito Departure (2007– )

Short summary

Chagum returns to the palace and is named Crown Prince and Divine Hero of the People. While Chagum is reunited with his mother, Balsa contemplates the future. After Balsa, Tanda and Shaman Torogai were awarded by the Emperor for protecting Chagum, they resume their journey back home but were led to meet Chagum for the last time with the help of Mon and Jin as Chagum ordered them to. Chagum meets with her and wants them to run away, but Balsa's words give him the courage to stay. Tanda is seen at Toya and Saya's errand shop while Shaman Torogai is staying at Tanda's hut in the mountains for a while. Balsa has departed for Kanbal as Tanda explains there is one last thing for her to do.

Episode cast overview:
Mabuki Andô Mabuki Andô - Balsa (voice)
Naoto Adachi Naoto Adachi - Chagum (voice)
Kôji Tsujitani Kôji Tsujitani - Tanda (voice)
Rin Mizuhara Rin Mizuhara - Torogai (voice)
Hirofumi Nojima Hirofumi Nojima - Shuga (voice)
Naomi Kusumi Naomi Kusumi - Mon (voice)
Masaya Matsukaze Masaya Matsukaze - Jin (voice)
Kenichi Mochizuki Kenichi Mochizuki - Zen (voice)
Shinji Kawada Shinji Kawada - Yun (voice)
Atsushi Ono Atsushi Ono - Rai (voice)
Takayuki Sasada Takayuki Sasada - Hyoku (voice)
Kôhei Fukuhara Kôhei Fukuhara - Taga (voice)
Yuuki Masuda Yuuki Masuda - Sun (voice)
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