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Happiness Is a Four-letter Word (2016) watch online HD

Happiness Is a Four-letter Word (2016) watch online HD
  • Original title:Happiness Is a Four-letter Word
  • Category:Movie / Drama
  • Released:2016
  • Director:Thabang Moleya
  • Actors:Stevel Marc,Chris Attoh,Terence Bridgett
  • Writer:Busisiwe Ntintili
  • Duration:1h 28min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

Perfectionist Nandi seems to have the New South African Dream life within her grasp, black female partner in a major firm, marriage, the perfect house - but it all goes up in flames a few months before the wedding. With her friends Zaza and Princess, Nandi will have to find out what truly makes her happy and then fight to get it.

User reviews

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    • Author: Diredefender
    Based on a fiction book of the same name by South African writer Cynthia Jele, Happiness is A Four Letter Word the movie follows the semi high profile lives of 3 suburban women living in a finer lap of luxury with a screaming social class. It employs a revolutionary use of camera-work and swanks sensible and mature subjects. The outstanding discipline the entire cast possessed with one another is praiseworthy. he narrative hosts a fertile and a neatly woven storyline pinned on healthy-minded characters with an added touch of sentimental romantic studies. The context of love was not to be misinterpreted as it had different meanings for the lives of our key characters. The use of a white color composition represented purity but most importantly, a new beginning. The art direction flowed seamless with a visual appeal and saturated chroma and style. Key plots were clearly explained by the characters in question through the most effective methodology: dialogue.

    It's calming knowledge to know that no over-the-top and insensible plotting were explored. The gel between the girlfriends was a magical one. They looked like real best friends doing a reality TV show with quick cuts cues.

    The production was sparkly like a bottle of good wine with various location shoots because Sandton City glitters like the gold it shelters. The characters gave out a complete performance with an energetic and easy to follow story chaperoned by a rhapsody of deep meaningful scores. Male director Thabang Moleya took a risk to direct a women, but fortunately everything went well. Commercially the movie wouldn't make sense if Khanyi Mbau didn't cover the narration of the themes. Khanyi is a real life self acclaimed Queen of Bling and did her on screen rendition with such prowess and finesse. She has better success outside the screen than her character friends. Her emotional range is like a rubber band that plays on the viewer's emotional intelligence. Khanyi's like a selling diamond hidden under layers of rock and dirt. The dramedy has a special, unique and cute moment that make most films what they are: a tease African dance shared between Thomas and Nandi, and the obsession of Merlot and avocado trees.

    The ending is not necessarily a happy one. But each person learns something valuable.
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    • Author: tref
    I enjoyed viewing this movie so much. The lead characters each played their roles with so much conviction. I recorded the film on my TV and have watched it over and over again and still have not gotten bored with it. I just ordered the book,but I cannot seem to order the DVD in the USA. Is there any way to order this DVD in the US?
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    • Author: in waiting
    This movie was incredible. Such an attention grabber. I really enjoyed it and the cast.
  • Credited cast:
    Stevel Marc Stevel Marc - Fabian / Model
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Chris Attoh Chris Attoh - Chris
    Terence Bridgett Terence Bridgett - Talent
    Emmanuel Castis Emmanuel Castis - Le Roux
    Tongayi Chirisa Tongayi Chirisa - Thomas
    Richard Lukunku Richard Lukunku - Leo
    Khanyi Mbau Khanyi Mbau - Zaza
    Mmabatho Montsho Mmabatho Montsho - Nandi
    Renate Stuurman Renate Stuurman - Princess
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