» » Unique Whips A Unique Dream: Part 1 (2005– )

Short summary

After many months of anticipation, work on Tony Stewart's hearse finally begins. Due to the enormity of the project, Will gets some outside help for Reme & the guys and brings in award winning heavy hitters to make up the "Unique Dream Team". But before the "Dream Team" gets to work their magic on the hearse, it must make a multi-stop road trip to get a serious new power plant and then a major custom paint makeover. Once back at the shop, the "Dream Team" continues to breathe new life into a vehicle where there was once death. During the massive hearse project, Will has Filipe, his newest recruit, do some customizing on a repeat customer's Pink Jeep, Will and Honey Girl find their perfect new "Dream House" and after pushing things a bit too far with Will, another long time Unique AutoSports employee gets the Axe!

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