» » Baba Vanga (2016)

Short summary

Memories of the life and visions of the Balkan prophet Baba Vanga, who was predicted the future of human kind and the world up to its end in the year 5079. Baba Vanga, as an older woman, tells how she lost her sight but "began to see". Following an accident, ghosts of dead people came to her to reveal what would happen to the world. Some of her predictions actually happened, some didn't, and for many predictions time will show.

Credited cast:
Jasmina Basic Jasmina Basic - Ghost
Bojan Chabichou Bojan Chabichou - Ghost
Amela Delic Amela Delic - Ghost
Zlaja Dzanovic Zlaja Dzanovic - Ghost
Ravijojla Jovancic Ravijojla Jovancic - Ghost
Edib Lagumdzija Edib Lagumdzija - Ghost
Sabina Mrgan Sabina Mrgan - Ghost
Nastazja Niedziela Nastazja Niedziela - Ghost
Virginie Roche Virginie Roche - Young Baba Vanga
Elma Selman Elma Selman - Ghost
Sasa Skoko Sasa Skoko - Ghost
Jovana Skrijelj Jovana Skrijelj - Ghost
Tatjana Sojic Tatjana Sojic - Old Baba Vanga
Vedad Trbonja Vedad Trbonja - Kostia
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