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The adventures of the residents of Petlovac, a typical Serbian village where the old customs and values are preserved in contrast to the contemporary, alienated world of the city.

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    • Author: Tori Texer
    This TV show sucks. It has terrible acting, low cost cinematography, most of it looks like it was taped with a VHS camera. Photography is at amateur level. Whole production is pretty bad. Humor is weak,based on stereotypes and making fun of disabled people. Horrible show! Rados Bajic is terrible actor and director. There are some good actors in this show but they blend in the bad acting of others. I hope they stop filming it and use the resources to make better TV program. It makes me sad that this show is very popular with children, because it has no cultural value and humor is only one step better than toilet humor. I heard there is also a movie planned... These are bad times for quality TV program in Serbia.
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    • Author: tref
    Selo Gori a Baba Se Ceslja is an excellent show i live in Australia and first watched this show in 2008 i went on holiday in late 2008 and still regularly watch it on the internet. The main thing that make this show great is that it relates to the common person in Serbia, everyone who has ever live in the Selo (small town) can identify themselves with at least one character, and i shouldn't by any means forget the brilliant humor that this show brings out a laugh out comedy at some points yet a dramatic and tearful drama at certain points, a brilliant show and if your Serbian or not it can definitely be enjoyed by all, give it a watch and decide for yourselves for me it's terrific.
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    • Author: Matty
    This is a show about country people in central Serbia and their anything but ordinary life's. Director, screenwriter and lead actor Rados Bajic wrote-directed this semi-biographic story excellently about people in his village, reflecting their life's through his prism of great telling comedy. It's a simple story with great plots, rich characters and humor. Cast is well chosen combination of good old professional actors and new talented people, each contributing to that something special to their characters. For all of you that didn't watch this great and hilarious show, i recommend that you give it a shot and watch few episodes, and i guarantee you'll not be sorry. Two big thumbs up for this one from me!
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    • Author: Pumpit
    I must agree on reviews that this is really one of the best shows in Serbia! So wonderfully put together with such attention to all of the details from Serbian culture and customs. Lots of humor, fantastic actors and above all story that makes you eager to see next episode and follow the lives of Radasin (Rados Bajic) and his family and friends. Rados Bajic did such a great job in writing, directing and acting in this legendary TV show!!
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    • Author: Bulace
    This show is the great saga about Serbian rural and not only rural characters. Each person is a little bit the representative of one type of the way of living and thinking in Serbia these days , years and decades. The contrast between family past, social tradition, history, economic and political boundaries on one side and human's unlimited wishes to have the maximum of the life trying, often unsuccessfully, to overcome such boundaries, reshape each character and gives to the show a lot of humor mixed with the inevitable compassion for human's tragic weakness...
  • Series cast summary:
    Rados Bajic Rados Bajic - Radasin 101 episodes, 2007-2017
    Milorad Mandic-Manda Milorad Mandic-Manda - Mile / - 95 episodes, 2007-2017
    Ljiljana Stjepanovic Ljiljana Stjepanovic - Radojka 93 episodes, 2007-2017
    Olga Odanovic Olga Odanovic - Zlatana 92 episodes, 2007-2017
    Mirko Babic Mirko Babic - Dragojlo 86 episodes, 2007-2017
    Nenad Okanovic Nenad Okanovic - Dragan 86 episodes, 2007-2017
    Nedeljko Bajic Nedeljko Bajic - Radoslav 79 episodes, 2007-2017
    Miroljub Trosic Miroljub Trosic - Djoda 79 episodes, 2007-2017
    Apostol Apostolovic Apostol Apostolovic - Aca 58 episodes, 2007-2017
    Nada Blam Nada Blam - Smiljana 56 episodes, 2007-2016
    Marija Petronijevic Marija Petronijevic - Doktorka Ivana 53 episodes, 2008-2017
    Dragan Nikolic Dragan Nikolic - Sudija Velibor / - 52 episodes, 2007-2011
    Nikola Dzamic Nikola Dzamic - Jakoje / - 51 episodes, 2007-2017
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