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13 Days of the Beast (2009) watch online HD

13 Days of the Beast (2009) watch online HD
  • Original title:13 Days of the Beast
  • Category:Movie / Horror
  • Released:2009
  • Director:Brian Lupo
  • Actors:Timothy Huston,Riana Fisher,Jennifer Cione
  • Writer:Brian Lupo
  • Duration:1h 14min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

Let us delve into the life of a frightened man. Meet Travis Tarplin, a young man without a path in his dull, predictable life. That is, until he finds a mysterious suitcase on his doorstep. His life begins to take a bizarre turn as he is plagued by a mysterious force inside the case, bringing out the inner evils that only that dark side of man is capable of. Torture. Murder. Mayhem. Experience what Mr. Tarplin experienced as we take you on this journey into the strange and terrifying.

Cast overview:
Timothy Huston Timothy Huston - Travis Tarplin
Riana Fisher Riana Fisher - Maddie
Jennifer Cione Jennifer Cione - Morgan
Karen Rueb Karen Rueb - Interviewer
Alexandria Smith Alexandria Smith - Jogger
Celeste Garcia Celeste Garcia - Girl on phone
Christina Garcia Christina Garcia - Mother
Dan Martinez Dan Martinez - Father
Celine Noriega Celine Noriega - Girl beheaded
David Richardson David Richardson - Man in hotel
Trisha Cupples Trisha Cupples - Girl in hotel
Lorelei Lupo Lorelei Lupo - Little girl
Sam Serrato Sam Serrato - Laundry guy
Ben May Ben May - Chess player 1
Chris Lupo Chris Lupo - Chess player 2
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