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The action series takes place in Belgrade at the present time. Aleksandar Jakovljevic, played by Vuk Kostic, a young but already experienced inspector, gets first big case - solving the murder of daughter units a reputable building contractors. In parallel with the developments of the investigation, which goes in several directions, Aleksandar is torn between two women working with them on the case: a young forensic scientist Jelena, in which it is sincerely in love, and the public prosecutor Marija with whom he was having an affair. Alexander revealed that the death of his late father, former police inspector, mysterious and strange way connected with the death of innocent girls. Completely alone in the fight for the truth, He will risk his own life..

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    • Author: Swiang
    This is first crime show in history of Serbian TV. Lack of experience is obvious but in general idea is good. There is space for improvements especially in depth of characters and their back stories and in speech authenticity. But plot is great! There is murders, conspiracy that goes all the way up, mysteries of the past, smart detective, corrupt government etc. In one of older users previews I read about corn leaf and tire trail that to some seam unrealistic. But that part was actually taken from real life homicide investigation of Serbian police. Killer was arrested because of trail in cornfield that he had left on one single lief. All I wanted with this small review is to tell everyone to give chance to this show. If nothing more, it is good start for Serbian crime genre.
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    • Author: Rainshaper
    So the unnecessarily convoluted story is not what makes it bad. It could be improved, but considering other RTS TV series it is OK.

    What makes it bad is the acting. It is just so terrible. It is catastrophically bad. I can't believe the lead actor even went to acting school, let alone that he was cast as the lead in a major TV series. He's just so wooden.

    The casting of the entire series is unforgivable.

    There are a couple of great performances by some seasoned actors that appear in the series, but all the young actors are terrible.

    The lead actor is particularly bad. The actress who plays the forensic investigator is also very bad, along the lead's partner Mirko who is just a little bit better than the lead, but still very bad.

    I googled those three actors they all seem to be children of important people in Serbian theater/cinema. Nepotism is the only thing that could explain the terrible casting. Either that or the casting director was blind and deaf.
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    • Author: Felolune
    I'm reading lot of comments about this TV show, so I would like to add my opinion and few suggestions. First of all, as someone who's constantly watching foreign crime series,I can say that this is bad copy, with many holes and bad acting. I come from Serbia, and I know that our production and financial situation is bad,so that is major problem. But people here are bored with our old TV series, and they need something like this. So this is positive thing, and I'm hoping that things will change in better way in season 2. Secondly,plot is good and interesting, and that's main reason I'm watching it. But, there are many stupid conversations and situations. For example, love triangle between Aleksandar, Jelena and Marija. In my opinion, it's very amateurish. The acting is so bad, that I started to doubt in those girls (you know, like, they are doing something behind his back). But, I was wrong, of course. Third, I guessed that mother was killer right after couple episodes, because of scene with her godfather/lover, where they are in bed, and right out of blue he starts searching for his secret phone, that she doesn't know about. Everyone who pays attention, will remember that she doesn't have an alibi, and that she wasn't in good relations with her daughter. Then,I must commend our older actors like Tihomir Stanic, Predrag Bjelac, Dragan Micalovic, Nebojsa Glogovac. They have done great job, unlike younger actors, especially main character. Vuk Kostic is such a bad actor, he plays himself, and there's nothing you can do about that. Speaking of younger actors, Marko Janketic is best there. Finally, I don't know why are people so disappointed that mother killed daughter, like, that's not possible. Come on people, it's everyday issue, face it. And that situation from season finale, when main character wanted bribe. It's all our reality, and I'm supporting that kind of characterization, when they are neither black or white. In conclusion, this story is good, it's something new, and people are eager to see more. So, dear producers, it's all on you. No hard feelings.
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    • Author: Little Devil
    Ok,Vuk Kostic is such pretty,handsome,real man,but for me he is bad actor. All of them,incliding serbian best actors are bad here.Only Stanic and Glogovac are still good here.for exp.Katarina Radivojevic is my favorite since I was kid,but here is unatural and amateur. Young Janketic is the best of all young actors. Story reminds me on,,The killing,,not the worst serial but not the best how people in Serbia get crazy about this show.Jelena,his true love,is pretty,boring and pathetic,but in ,,Montevideo,, she is realy briliant.
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    • Author: Deeroman
    One of the best series that Serbian television has to offer. The crew of actors was quite well assembled, the lead role is of course Vuk Kostic, quite a decent actor, at first he may appear a bit static but in critical key moments within the series he will shine light on his acting performance followed by his depictions of true emotions.

    The plot is well thought out, quite complicated yet a little revealing for the audience.

    I strongly recommend this series to everyone!
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    • Author: MrRipper
    The series depicts the reality of interconectedness between top politicians and criminals. Everyone are connected. A lot of sexy scenes.

    The story resembles reality, it has authenticated by real police officers. IT has a lot of mystic and keeps attention as the result of investigation is not known until the end and several possible solutions are on watchers mind.

    Music is great and every episode makes you to think long after it has finished. All actors played fine, they brought emotion.

    I feel it is in a rank of Holivood series with a much smaller budget.

    For the available budget it is great. More effects and action could be there, but still it reminds to movies with Donald Saterland.
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    • Author: Androlhala
    So I generally tend to avoid newer Serbian series even though I am Serbian but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The story has great potential that isn't fully explored probably because of some not so good actors. Some conversations between characters seem empty and without emotion. One scene where Marija talks about her past to Aleksandar was particularly cringe worthy and totally forced if you ask me. Older actors like Tihomir Stanic and Nebojsa Glogovac are really great, even though Glogovac doesn't have a lot to work with. The character Stanic plays definitely has more depth than Jovan (Glogovac) who is one dimensional. While it has faults, with the budget that it was given and the inexperience with crime series in our TV industry, I would recommend it because it's new and it could be great with a bit of effort.
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    • Author: Beydar
    The first Serbian "thriller/crime/who done it" series is here! I guess the guys at RTS (Radio and television of Serbia) wanted to make something that resembles shows like True Detective, The Bridge, The Killing and so on, but also wanted to make a very simple story which would appeal to wider masses. This is after all produced by national television, and they have failed in all aspects.

    The lead detective is hopelessly played by Vuk Kostic who, since the movie "Mala nocna muzika", hasn't had a successful or a memorable movie role. All of the characters seem shallow or generic.

    Nebojsa Glogovac, one of the greatest Serbian actors is playing a character so passive and boring that even he can't do anything with it.

    There is so much stupid stuff about this show. There's this fancy bar where Vuks character meets the sexy forensic girl every time and they try to connect romantically but fail, but also he meets there a hobo played by Uliks Fehmiu who is like a mentor to our detective. What's a hobo doing sitting in a fancy bar?!

    They find one leaf in the corn field that holds clues about the case, and that's only one leaf among a pile of them. Its worse then in CSI series.

    Why does our detective live with his mother? Is it normal for a police detective to be a mamas boy?

    Just because you put Slavko Labovic to play a bag guy it does not mean its going to make the show awesome.

    The show is structured around scenes of people sitting down and talking, 90% of scenes are like this and they are all directed in the same boring manner. There is no tension, it sometimes feels like a talk show.

    I'm sorry, I wanted to write a more academic text but I could not. The show is so bad.. I cant even write a good text about how bad it is.
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    • Author: Dont_Wory
    I was pleasantly surprised with a quality of this tv show. Nicely developed story, solid acting, filming and music score. Finally something that doesn't look like copy cat of the worst and sleaziest north american tv series! Amazing job!
  • Series cast summary:
    Vuk Kostic Vuk Kostic - Inspektor Aleksandar Jakovljevic 33 episodes, 2016-2019
    Marko Janketic Marko Janketic - Inspektor Mirko Pavlovic 33 episodes, 2016-2019
    Tihomir Stanic Tihomir Stanic - Predrag Marjanovic 33 episodes, 2016-2019
    Nina Jankovic Nina Jankovic - Jelena 33 episodes, 2016-2019
    Slavko Stimac Slavko Stimac - Sava 33 episodes, 2016-2019
    Elizabeta Djorevska Elizabeta Djorevska - Olja Jakovljevic 28 episodes, 2016-2019
    Miodrag Radonjic Miodrag Radonjic - Inspektor Zoran Janketic 27 episodes, 2016-2019
    Ivana Dudic Ivana Dudic - Milanka 24 episodes, 2016-2019
    Katarina Radivojevic Katarina Radivojevic - Tuzilac Marija Radenkovic 22 episodes, 2016-2018
    Predrag Bjelac Predrag Bjelac - Nikola Kovacevic 19 episodes, 2016-2019
    Uliks Fehmiu Uliks Fehmiu - Zivojin 'Zika' Savic 19 episodes, 2016-2019
    Natasa Ninkovic Natasa Ninkovic - Natalija 18 episodes, 2016-2019
    Jelisaveta Orasanin Jelisaveta Orasanin - Tijana Popovic 18 episodes, 2016-2019
    Mirjana Karanovic Mirjana Karanovic - Zagorka Obradovic 17 episodes, 2016-2019
    Slavisa Curovic Slavisa Curovic - Tuzilac Misko 17 episodes, 2016-2019
    Ivan Djordjevic Ivan Djordjevic - Veselin 'Vesa' Bajovic 16 episodes, 2016-2019
    Rastko Jankovic Rastko Jankovic - Policajac Ivan 16 episodes, 2016-2019
    Anica Dobra Anica Dobra - Rada 15 episodes, 2018
    Isidora Simijonovic Isidora Simijonovic - Ruza 15 episodes, 2018-2019
    Marko Pavlovski Marko Pavlovski - Zara 14 episodes, 2016-2019
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