» » The Carousel (2012)

Short summary

The Carousel revolves around a group of friends in their thirties, living in Northern Sydney who are rapidly approaching middle age, and who are each in their own way trying to reclaim their youth. The project is unique in that it will explore the grittier side of everyday people... themes that will be explored will include gay marriage, homophobia, casual drug and alcohol abuse, parental abuse along with many other themes.

Cast overview:
Troy Harrison Troy Harrison - Robert Masters
Adam J. Yeend Adam J. Yeend - Aiden Howe
Gemma Kaye Gemma Kaye - Laura Masters
Caitlin Adams Caitlin Adams - Kallie Jones
Travis James Annabel Travis James Annabel - Timothy Wilkes
Pearl Tan Pearl Tan - Erin Wilkes
Aaron Scully Aaron Scully - Devrey Andrews
Renee Nieass Renee Nieass - Denise Andrews
Christapor Yaacoubian Christapor Yaacoubian - Jahan Shirazi (as Chris Yaacoubian)
Jamie Vergan Jamie Vergan - Boss
Alex Haddad Alex Haddad - Bartender
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