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    • Author: Miromice
    Most JoyBear porn videos are pantomimes: actors having sex with plenty of voice-over but no conversations. This early success for the label, "Chloe's Column" has regular dialog and benefits from the novelty, just a tad late considering "The Jazz Singer" was released in 1927.

    Paige Ashley takes the title role, an interviewer who writes magazine articles covering the current craze for celebrities. She does a hatchet job on boxer Kai Taylor (played appropriately by real-life boxer turned porn star Kai Taylor)

    Agent Jamie Barry has sex with the delectable cutie Honey Damon/Demon in a well-shot sequence. These first two vignettes are cross-cut to appear simultaneous, right through to money shots.

    En route to writing her story, Paige catches Taylor in the bathroom at a party humping two women - perhaps part of the reason she trashes his reputation.

    Paige's story angers the powerful agent Jamie Barry. It seems especially bad form in that Paige humped the big-dicked guy besides interrogating him. Paige has been convinced that the public deserves to find out what these phony celebrities of the moment are really like, and she's devoting herself to exposing them.

    Her next interview is of lesbian artists Havana Sin and Holly D, both into tattoos. Sex scene is loaded with fingering and hot, though Havana is way too thin in this incarnation.

    Film includes several more couplings: Jamie with a pick-up, interviewer Clarke Kent (in a turnabout, he's interviewing Paige after latter has achieved celebrity status herself), and finally Jamie and Paige after they kiss and make up. Paige contributes a final voice-over summation that is as shallow (as written) as the celebrities this video is blithely attacking.
  • Cast overview:
    Paige Ashley Paige Ashley - Chloe
    Honey Demon Honey Demon - Photographer
    Tammie Lee Tammie Lee - Girl in Loo
    Hannah Shaw Hannah Shaw - Girl in Loo
    Holly D. Holly D. - Artist (as Holly D)
    Havana Sin Havana Sin - Artist
    Ann Marie La Sante Ann Marie La Sante - Pick-up
    Kai Taylor Kai Taylor - Kai Taylor
    Jamie Barry Jamie Barry - Noah
    Clarke Kent Clarke Kent - Interviewer
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