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    • Author: Minnai
    I watched this among a collection of incest videos that I acquired for research purposes (does beating off constitute research?) and it proved to be a time-waster at nearly the low-quality level one would imagine from the moronic title. Hard to believe this series has already stretched to double digits.

    Surely high definition camera technology was invented for crap like this. Four lengthy vignettes trot out the title premise (even to the extent of having a mom actually recite it) and promptly run it into the ground. Male cast is uncredited, but not very familiar faces (or dicks) going through the motions opposite not very attractive female performers.

    The only name in the cast is Zoey Holloway, for whom this was among her very first features of a career that includes many terrific lesbian performances. There's no script so Zoey and the rest of the cast are frequently at a loss for words as they pretend to banter in threesomes before the sex starts. It would be interesting if our 20th & 21st Century cultures were analyzed by some far future generation with only crap like this to go on, rather than Moliere, Arthur Miller or for that matter Harold Pinter to represent us.

    Zoey is sort of home schooling Hollie Monroe, who's graduated from college with no sexual experience. I know IMDb credits are incomplete, but Hollie only has one other video listed, the unappetizing sounding GAG FACTOR 31.

    Other stories follow a similar pattern with studious Haylee Heart studying when her mom Kelly Leigh brings her a man to cure her aversion to boys. Leigh is a veteran, typecast as a MILF, while Heart has few other credits to date.

    Each segment is shot with a distorting, wide-angle lens on a cheap set with minimal editing. Not recommended at all.
  • Credited cast:
    Samantha St. James Samantha St. James - Scene One: Mom (as Meridian)
    Tiffany Star Tiffany Star - Scene One: Daughter
    Zoey Holloway Zoey Holloway - Scene Two: Mom
    Hollie Monroe Hollie Monroe - Scene Two: Daughter
    Kelly Leigh Kelly Leigh - Scene Three: Mom
    Haylee Heart Haylee Heart - Scene Three: Daughter
    Elli Taylor Elli Taylor - Scene Four: Mom
    Ashley Coda Ashley Coda - Scene Four: Daughter
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Bryan Braxton Bryan Braxton
    Sonny Hicks Sonny Hicks
    Jack Vegas Jack Vegas
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