» » Better Living Through Killing (2008)

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Witness murder without shame as homicidal lawn care workers Otis and Welford Moses realize a Better Living Through Killing!

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    • Author: Risa
    Best movie of a lifetime. It should be Academy Award winning status. Tons of laughs, awesome cast with outstanding acting. Looks like a high budget Hollywood movie. Great gore and special effects. I highly recommend buying this movie, no matter what the cost. Rednecks that own a lawn grass cutting service that kill their own clients. The first few minutes of watching this movie will have you hooked, and wanting more and more. If you are into low budget horror movies, and have an appreciation for them, then this movie is for you. This movie is miles and miles better than the low budget films..... Rubber, slaughter claus, or zombie X's.
  • Credited cast:
    Bebe S. Bellamont Bebe S. Bellamont
    Benjamin Crendander Benjamin Crendander
    Todd Taylor Todd Taylor
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