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Following Frank's dinner with mob lawyer Angelo Gallo, Gallo is shot, and Frank narrowly escapes with his own life. Meanwhile, Danny is called for jury duty, and winds up being the sole dissenting opinion in a murder trial.

Jamie keeps a picture of his brother Joe, inside his hat.

Eddie arrests her attacker. She wouldn't be able to do that. An officer can't be both the victim and arresting officer.

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    • Author: Thetalune
    Who would believe that Danny, on jury duty, would be the sole vote to acquit a guy from murdering a cashier at a store. That's exactly what happens and this invariably causes a mistrial. Of course, Danny and his partner go on to further investigate the case with a much surprising twist.

    We see Frank, cigar smoking, eating dinner with an attorney from the mob, the latter being a boyhood friend. As Frank departs, the guy takes a bullet and Frank investigates even if it means that his friend will be prosecuted for knowing a little too much what is going on.

    The third story is the most intriguing. Jamie's partner is sexually assaulted and abused by a date in her apartment. Ashamed that this will further weaken her standing against the male police of the precinct, she chooses to want to forget about this despite the urging of Jamie, who does his own investigation to find out who has done this to her. It just shows the female police officer's fear of the response of male police officers. Sexist but so true to life.
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    • Author: Ndyardin
    I want to clear up a statement by another reviewer here, who states that Eddie (Jamie's partner) tells Jamie that she is going on a date with someone she went through the Academy with. In actuality, she says that the guy is from her yoga class. An earlier episode had her going out with someone from the Academy, and I believe that the reviewer had that episode in mind when writing this review. Personally, I liked this episode, and appreciated the ways that the Reagan men handled their respective problems.
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    • Author: Kea
    I love Blue Bloods, but in what universe would Danny Reagan be selected for a jury? Would never happen...never.... no defense attorney would accept him as a juror.This is a stretch..even for entertainment...they must be desperate for plots.
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    • Author: Delagamand
    I've been a fan of Blue Bloods since the very first episode. The last two episodes (11/8 and 11/15) have been very disappointing. There was too much emphasis on social issues in the 11/15 episode. I don't like the way this series is was much better the first three seasons.

    I distinctly do not like the new actress chosen as Jaime's new partner. Maybe, it's the way she's being portrayed but it's like a sixteen year old trying to play all "grown up". She's childish acting and not tough and tries to act too cute. The show has always seemed very realistic until the addition of this character...ALL WRONG.

    After saying this I can say that the actress that was finally decided on for Danny's new partner is perfect for the part. She's tough (cute but not too feminine acting) and very much tough New Yorkish.

    The character of Jaime was better with his very first partner...the character who was promoted to Sargent and also when he was involved in the mafia storyline.
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    • Author: Ffleg
    While I realize we have to suspend disbelief on cop shows this episode was the worst. First off Danny has jury duty. Being that he is a cop, he would never be picked for jury duty. I worked with a police chaplain who told me he never got picked for jury duty because of his occupation and I seriously doubt any attorney would want Danny on the jury. That was the first ridiculous story line. But of course it was the excuse needed for Danny to be the hero as the only person on the jury to believe the accused was actually innocent. A mistrial is declared when another juror tells everyone Danny is a cop, his sister is a DA, etc. and then he starts investigating the case.

    The second had Jamie's partner Eddie getting sexually assaulted while on a date. As a cop wouldn't you check to make sure your date didn't have any record for violence especially in this day and age? After Jamie suspected something happened to Eddie, he looked up the guy's name from her phone when she went to get them some food, came back to the precinct and checked him out. Illegal? I'm not sure but as a cop why couldn't she defend herself? Aren't they trained at the Academy to do just that? He didn't have a weapon and he wasn't that big so I understand why Eddie didn't want to say anything. She was afraid all the male cops would be thinking the same thing. Then SHE is the one to arrest this guy along with Jamie? Seriously?

    I have wanted to like this show since the first episode because I adore Tom Selleck but the plots are just so lame. I happened to catch this old episode tonight because there was nothing else on and it reminded me of why I don't watch Blue Bloods anymore.
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    • Author: Phenade
    This episode has Eddie getting assaulted . She tells Jamie she is going out on a date with someone she went thru the academy with so why then, when, they go out on a date, doesn't he know that she is a cop ? Did he wash out ? And in the real world of LE, she would not be allowed to arrest the person who assaulted her. It is also noted that when Jamie finds out who her date was, he does some background on her date , comes up with a previous assault. So was the previous assault after he went to the academy as he would never have made it that far with that one his record. Also Frank is having a meal with a friend who happens to be a mob atty and when it comes time for the tab to be picked up, Frank mentions to his friend in so many words that as a civil servant, he doesn't make that much. Give me a break..The P.C. of the NYPD is likely making mega bucks and then some
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Donnie Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg - Danny Reagan
    Bridget Moynahan Bridget Moynahan - Erin Reagan
    Will Estes Will Estes - Jamie Reagan
    Len Cariou Len Cariou - Henry Reagan
    Tom Selleck Tom Selleck - Frank Reagan
    Amy Carlson Amy Carlson - Linda Reagan
    Sami Gayle Sami Gayle - Nicky Reagan-Boyle
    Marisa Ramirez Marisa Ramirez - Maria Baez
    Gregory Jbara Gregory Jbara - Garrett Moore
    Vanessa Ray Vanessa Ray - Eddie Janko
    Robert Clohessy Robert Clohessy - Sid Gormley
    John Ventimiglia John Ventimiglia - Dino Arbogast
    C. Thomas Howell C. Thomas Howell - Alex Polanski
    Jason Ralph Jason Ralph - Jake Singer
    Jasmine Cephas Jones Jasmine Cephas Jones - Shania Costa
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