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Short summary

Evalyn "Eva" Killian is a brilliant visual effects artist who has fallen on troubled times. Desperate for any job to help her and her girlfriend back on their feet, Eva takes a job offer that has her altering crime footage to influence the outcomes of different trials. However, a high paycheck isn't enough when the crimes become more and more serious. She begins to discover that the company she works for is far more sinister than she ever would have guessed, but she is already caught up in the tight grasp of the company. With no apparent way out and the lives of her loved ones at stake, Eva is forced to navigate this dark underworld to survive.

Credited cast:
Justyne Harris Justyne Harris - Dani
Sara Kow-Falcone Sara Kow-Falcone - Eva
Matthew Mesler Matthew Mesler - Julien
Bryan Patrick Stoyle Bryan Patrick Stoyle - Blake
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