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Four friends prank a Cabin in the Woods nightmare on their friend's honeymoon so well that it actually becomes The Cabin in the Woods horror in real life.
The Internet sensation, "Master Pranksters" decide to take it to the extreme for their season finale. When the leader of the group, Ethan, announces that he is getting married and leaving the gang and the pranks behind, the rest of the founding members decide to pull off one final stunt; a "Cabin in the Woods" nightmare on their friend's honeymoon. What follows is a spiral decent into terror when the prank goes too far and the members of the group actually start dying. The victims and eventually the perpetrator are revealed one by one in this tension filled "found footage" feature film.

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All the pranks filmed in the marketing of this movie were conceived by writer Nathan Reid, who had subsequently pulled off these same pranks in high school. Production talked Nathan Reid out of "The Family Guy Prank" where a large man fights another man in a chicken suit at Hollywood and Highland, giving homage to this famous cartoon battle.

While filming at the MB2 Raceway, Nathan Reid's steering capability became disabled after a collision with another car, slamming him into a wall at around 30mph. Fortunately production was completed with filming and actor only suffered minor injuries.

Actor Luis Jose Lopez was the only actor screen tested for the role of Chris. Writer Nathan Reid had no back up if he wasn't perfect for the part.

Writer Nathan Reid's three main friends from high school were Nick, Chris, and Andrew; who are all lead characters in the film.

Multiple characters are introduced at the wedding scene to return in the sequel.

In a driving scene in the movie, Andrew says, "Don't even think about putting that jock strap on my mouth again. F*****, "Andrew needs oxygen bull****". This is based on a real prank pulled on Andrew in real life where after falling asleep Nick placed a jock strap cup that he had worn for 2 days straight over Andrew's face while he was asleep; all caught on video.

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    • Author: Uscavel
    Script: AWFUL, Acting: AWFUL, Direction: AWFUL, Casting: AWFUL, Production: AWFUL, Over all: AWFUL!

    I'm not kidding here folks - this excuse for a movie is a joke and NOT in the intended way!

    I can't and I won't even get into details about why it's as bad as I say - it just is!

    The worst of them all is the self loving writer/actor Nathan Reid who is so lame and over acting it's painful to watch!

    Please let this be the last time the world have to take this "writer/actor" seriously! (Oh I hope this is 10 lines!)

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    • Author: Kefrannan
    I guess I should have done my research ahead of time, because the last thing I wanted to see after watching 'The Gallows,' is yet ANOTHER found footage stinker - These people should have their own genre, seriously.

    Well, if you're like me and have absolutely no clue what to expect from 'The Jokesters,' it is indeed another found footage horror film. Now, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat entertained by the first 35 minutes, and what they were possibly setting up for - but never happened. There's no twist to be found. It's all given away at the wedding. The dialogue is fairly awful here, and could have been written by a 15 year old - I thought the whole 'ur mom,' and 'that's what she said' fad had finally come to a screeching halt. I was wrong, obviously. The term 'gay' popped up several times, as well - probably to slowly reveal the motivation behind the insanity of our killer, or so I thought. Something that would have been a better reveal at the end of the film, if they had actually used that as his motivation. When it's all said and done, after one prank too many, our 'gay' killer turns out to be your run of the mill straight guy, who just wants the pretty lady... Uh, what?

    Random Ramblings of a Madman: I'm thinking two different directors were involved in this crap fest, since the first 35 minutes sets up one thing - and the other half of the film just ends up being random nonsense.

    P.S. I am thinking about making my own found footage film, of me watching found footage horror films - any takers?
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    • Author: skriper
    I'm so ashamed that I actually sat through this movie that as punishment to myself I created an IMDb account and forced myself to review it so that everyone would know. The real injustice here is that the money spent to produce this movie could have been used instead to get a genocidal child-raping Eco-terrorist a decent lawyer. The painful dialogue was reminiscent of being trapped on a school bus full of eight year-old boys on a sugar rush. The camera work -- mostly on its side -- redefined the words "disjointed", "nausea-inducing", and "sub-amateur". The acting was slightly better, but the actors must have been pranked by their agents into taking the roles. Comparing this to "Cabin in the Woods" is only accurate insofar as there is a cabin in the movie, and it is in the woods. Its only redeeming feature is that it is only 80 minutes long. I am hoping the planned sequel is -80 minutes so I can get my time back.
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    • Author: Hanad
    One of the worst horror films ever that i have watched.

    I normally do look in to the films i'm watching but it sounded really good but its too late for that now so i am warning people to not bother watching this film. Still can't believe that i watched the entire film as story line was terrible, sound was awful, acting was poor and in general would never watch again as was not scary. Thr film does not want to make you keep watching as it's that terrible. Such a waste of time watching and would never recommend to anyone unless they have nothing better to do that watch a film that is 80 minutes too long.

    Don't watch the film!!!
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    • Author: Qwert
    Enjoyed this found footage thriller with jackass type comedy. As a fan of slap stick comedy, I enjoyed the one-liners and over the top comedy that at times. The Jokesters was creative in blending the comedy with a suspenseful thriller. The film keeps you waiting to find out what would happen next and when the horror would actually start. It is not until the last part of the movie that the horror finally comes to life. Some of the jokes from the pranksters reminds me of my crazy cousins. I would recommend watching The Jokesters. It seems when previewing it, the film would be a thriller with a side of jackass, but I would actually think of it as jackass with a side of thriller. On a side note, I need that mask for Halloween.
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    • Author: Berenn
    I quite liked it. It's a mix of "found footage" and semi-scripted amateur YouTube channel style shooting.

    It's a veeery slow burn. Most of the movie is getting to know the characters, and becoming familiar with their e-celebrity status and the toll their success takes on their personal relationships (and perhaps how it exacerbates underlying mental illness).

    I found the actors attractive and likable. The relationships between them, and their families, were easy to relate to on a human level; despite how over-the-top their "prankster" e-celeb behaviors get at times.

    I'd especially recommend it for:

    • Found footage thriller fans - People interested in the intersections between psychology and social media
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    • Author: Nikohn
    The Creators of Master Pranksters decide to step up their game for their season finale.

    After Ethan announces that he is getting married and leaving the internet show, the others decide to pull off one final stunt............ on their friend's honeymoon.

    But it soon spirals into more than a joke when the prank goes too far and the members of the group start dying........

    The found footage genre can be a cesspool of filth and rubbish. But wade through the dirge and sometimes you can find little nuggets of gold. And here is another horror movie worth treading through all the proverbial.

    It starts off like any other Found Footage Movie (FFM). We are introduced to the rag-tag team of Jackass wannabe jokesters, and so far it's as predictable as all the others. But all FFM have to have some sort of set up, to introduce you to the characters and their traits, so the film can move on into the concept of the found footage, because these films don't like to hang around with old Basil Exposition do they?

    So it isn't long before we are at the 'Cabin In The Woods' and all the fun and games begin.

    From then on in, it's a pretty tense movie, with a beautiful claustrophobic setting, and for such a low budget efforts quite visceral effects.

    The acting isn't the best thing in the world, and the wedding scene gives way too much away, but for a FFM, it's a step up from rubbish like Area 51 and other FFM trying to do something different.
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    • Author: Celen
    THE JOKESTERS is a really boring indie flick, a film that mixes comedy and horror unsuccessfully and is set in the usual and cliched cabin in the woods. A bunch of masked pranksters decide to scare their buddies in rather interminable prank scenes which take up the whole first half of the running time. Eventually some genuine nastiness begins but the film abruptly ends just as it feels like it might be getting interesting. This is an obvious film and a tedious exercise in time-wasting.
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    • Author: Benn
    Prime example of why an untalented producer shouldn't star in his own movie.

    Absolute waste of time, Nathan Reid should find something else to do with his life or really needs someone to tell him how bad he really is.

    Theres really nothing good to say about this awfull piece of crap.

    Totally agree with the review by hairdude where he states "The worst of them all is the self loving writer/actor Nathan Reid who is so lame and over acting it's painful to watch!"
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    • Author: Mallador
    The director knows how to work the camera. Awesome job, watch for more amazing films by this talented guy. The cast was funny. I have not laughed so much during a horror movie. The killer mask still creeps me out so good choice there. Hope that they make a sequel so I can see who the killer is. It was worth the money to watch it. Hope the next one will come on the big screen. The last part of the movie did scare the crap out of me. Great job to everyone involved. Watch for Nathan Reid he is a great actor that is just getting started. Awesome movie and awesome cast with an awesome director equals amazing movie. Two thumbs up.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Nathan Reid Nathan Reid - Nick
    Gabriel Tigerman Gabriel Tigerman - Andrew
    Luis Jose Lopez Luis Jose Lopez - Chris
    Dante Spencer Dante Spencer - Ethan
    Jen Yeager Jen Yeager - Gabrielle
    Jodie Bentley Jodie Bentley - Shannon
    Jim Dowd Jim Dowd - Frank
    Angie Simms Angie Simms - Alice
    Sandra Stone Sandra Stone - Zoe (as Sandra Luesse)
    Vanessa Elese Garcia Vanessa Elese Garcia - Selena K. (as Vanessa E. Garcia)
    Caryn West Caryn West - Linda
    Michael Scheafer Michael Scheafer - Priest
    Sammy Sage Sammy Sage - Father of the Bride
    Chamia Lane Chamia Lane - Summer
    Chris Fernandez Chris Fernandez - Ezema
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