» » How to Survive the Knight (2016)

Short summary

A sequel to "The Rules to Survive a Day in a Scary Film" returns the gang trying to stop The Knight again.
After the events in "The Rules to Survive a Day in a Scary Film" the remaining members start their freshman year in High school when one day Destin get's a call from none other than The Knight. Destin, Abby, Hobbins and new members of the gang struggle to catch the Knight once and for all. Close friends die and new secrets are revealed which leads to the crew to realizes you never know who to trust.

Was originally going to be about The Knight finding a team of his own to help him take down the TMS-TV crew.

First and only film in the series to be written by more than one person.

The Film was announced at the premiere of the first film.

Made in 7 months.

Credited cast:
Heather Ayers Heather Ayers - Mrs. Ayers
Destin A. Bourdon Destin A. Bourdon - Destin
Richard Hobbins Richard Hobbins - Mr. Hobbins
Abby Humphreys Abby Humphreys - Abby
Brian McCready Brian McCready - The Knight
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