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During the Sung dynasty with Emperor Hsiao Hsia in power and freedom fighters, who are based in the Tai-hun Mountains. Miss Shang is on her way to Dragon City to receive secret plans to take to the rebel stronghold. But the Mayor kills her contact and takes the plans. She must now find the plans and exact revenge upon the murderous Mayor.

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    • Author: Unsoo
    The narrator explains that power has changed hands in Dragon Town and the new mayor is looking for traitors to execute. Hsu Feng travels by palanquin. She meets the local druggist to continue her undercover rebel plan to kill the mayor. She finds a survivor hiding then she is surrounded but a voice in the dark ends the encounter. Cut to a crowd watching the troops searching a house for secret plans. Hsu Feng is subsequently captured, tortured, an imprisoned. This part of the movie seemed to drag on. The final fight did not save this movie either. Chen Hui-Lou's villain character has a stupid weapon that just makes noise. The fights are filmed in the dark and there are no special moments at all. I cannot even recommend this movie for the most hard core fan. I watched it once to say I did and I am unlikely to ever watch it again.
  • Credited cast:
    Feng Hsu Feng Hsu
    Chun Shih Chun Shih
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Hui Lou Chen Hui Lou Chen - (Guest star)
    Ming-Lai Chen Ming-Lai Chen
    Shih Wei Chen Shih Wei Chen
    Pin Chin Pin Chin
    Han Hsieh Han Hsieh
    Ming Kao Ming Kao
    Lu-Shih Ku Lu-Shih Ku
    Chiang Li Chiang Li
    Kwei Li Kwei Li
    Shih Lu Shih Lu
    Fei Lung Fei Lung
    Chung Shan Wan Chung Shan Wan
    Sung Chao Yu Sung Chao Yu
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