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The bizarre misadventures of two no-hopers who share a flat

Previously, Lano and Woodley had been part of the comedy trio called 'The Found Objects' along with Scott Casley.

In 2006 after over 20 years of performing together, the duo decided to call it quits for the good of their friendship. Celebrating their long comedic partnership with a record braking 'Goodbye' tour.

In 1994 Lano and Woodley won the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Perrier Comedy Award.

Lano and Woodley debuted as a double-act in March 1993 at Melbourne's Prince Patrick Hotel.

In October 2005 Lano & Woodley released their live CD 'Sing Songs'. A recording of their live performance at the Hi-Fi Bar in Melbourne.

Frank Woodley and Colin Lane had a falling out, and haven't worked together for years.

Frank Woodly was born on the 29th of February

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    • Author: Macill
    A brilliant duo that brought a freshness to television that makes you think a sitcom has never been done before!

    Such inventive plots, characters so well-observed. These two 'adultescent' characters remind me of the worst aspects of my own personality. The dialogue is hilarious but is matched by the most astounding physical comedy I've ever seen (either of these guys are more than a match for Jim Carrey).

    I just found a tape of the show I hadn't seen in years - still as funny as hell! Should be recognised as a classic series in the "Fawlty Towers" league. Can't recommend it enough.
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    • Author: Mautaxe
    Lano and Woodley rule! If you're a fan of physical comedy you HAVE to check these guys out. Too often you see a show labeled physical comedy that just isn't funny. In fact, apart from silent comedians like Buster Keaton, I could only say Mr. Bean was the only other physical comedian to make me laugh. Lano and Woodley are modern day geniuses. Their show is full of hilarious slapstick, outrageous stunts, and clever dialouge.

    I believe series one was slightly better, but everything they're in is hilarious. My personal favourite episodes are "The Wall" and "Star Search". You MUST check them out.

    Ten out of Ten!
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    • Author: Wild Python
    What can I say? I laughed so hard I nearly Puked I really did. This show gives people the chance to see how good Australian Comedy can be. The fact that the ABC happen to have this means 30 minutes of uninterrupted laughs. Go Lano and Woodley!
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    • Author: Friert
    These two men, Colin Lane and Frank Woodley, have done something amazing for television. They have reinvented physical comedy, and in the process have created one of the greatest comedy shows on the planet. The best one I've seen so far would have to be "The Pool", but all the others are brilliant as well. I strongly suggest you watch this show.

    P.S. Empty your bladder before watching. Yes, it's that funny!
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    • Author: Zolorn
    if you like slapstick, sarcastic and just plain stupid humour... lano and woodley are for you. they are extremely popular here in australia and i would go as far as saying they are australia's best comedians... definatly up there with even the best in the world!!!
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    • Author: Hasirri
    This show is absolutely amazing.. it's slapstick comedy at it's best...

    This comedy duo is great both live and on TV and it's great to hear that there is going to be a series 3!!! Keep up the good work!!
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    • Author: Adokelv
    These guys are the best comedians in the world today. Sort of a Jim Carrey meets Buster Keaton duo. The direction is top notch (Bob Spiers of Fawlty Towers and Mandy Smith of Heartbreak High) and the comedy fast, inventive and very funny.
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    • Author: Tisicai
    Lano & Woodley have given my family & I so many reasons for giggling in our home! For that we thank you!From one line quips & quotes to doing almost full skits... we make ourselves, each other & our friends laugh! We are sad to see the demise of the duo, but you will be forever in our hearts & smirks! The Good-Bye tour is in our town on the 9th July.. coming up soon, & we have our tickets too see the show! In fact we would not have missed it for the world. We would like to know when Frank is going to merchandise the HAT. Not very often have we seen Frank without the HAT. What an icon it has become!

    All the best to Lano & Woodley in what ever the next adventures hold!

    Ree, Poss & Pilgrims
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    • Author: Crazy
    Me and a friend were talking about comedians one night on msn, and she was talking the comedy festival gala. I had never seen any comedians before the gala and remember quite fondly these 2 guys where 1 of them wound tape around the other guys head and that stuck in my head cause i thought what a bastard!! and poor guy how did he breathe!! I was told that was lano and woodley. And i said that they had a show on the comedy channel the following wk, so i decided to watch it and loved it so I tuned in the following wk. Unfortunately I only got to see one simple task, game show god, and i love you baby pt 1. And i thought they were good.

    And one day when i was booking a ticket to see Carl Barron, i saw that l&w were coming to Brisbane for The island so i booked a ticket to see them, and ended up going another 2 times (to see it being filmed), and then after watching them on rove, decided to see them at the Opera house another 3 times....definitely worth the money flying all the way down there!!! In Sydney, it was even funnier which was great. And I have watched the dvds soo many times that i need to buy new ones. Thats how good they are!!!!!
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    • Author: Haralem
    I became aware of Lano & Woodley by accident; trawling through the channels late one night I discovered this bizarre comedy and was hooked from the first second.

    The next week, I set up the VCR, taped the show, and... That was it! I never saw it again, until last Monday when my wife gave me the DVD for my birthday.

    Lano & Woodley are, in short, comic geniuses. They successfully combine slapstick, pathos, word-play and, well, pretty much every other form of comedy. They do it a lot, and they do it very well.

    I'm normally not a fan of physical comedy (Charlie Chaplin and The Three Stooges just leave me cold), but Lano & Woodley have mastered it.

    10 out of 10!
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    • Author: Quynaus
    this show is my bible. i watch it at least twice a day and still laugh. i am one of their biggest fans. people say to me that they don't know who Lano and Woodley are and i slap them and say they are the biggest legends in the world i almost cried when i heard the were finished and by the time i found out that they were doing a goodbye show it was too late. it was sold out. I hope one day they do one last show and i will watch it with the biggest smile on my face. I hope Frank Woodley comes back on thank god you're here as well. I found out about this show from my best friend and i laughed so hard that my stomach was hurting!! I then wanted to get the DVD and i did. i didn't care how much it cost... i needed that DVD. I have watched it religiously ever since. My favorite episodes are The Pool, The Primal Warrior, I love you baby parts 1 and 2, Starquest, and The Girlfriend.
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    • Author: Ishnjurus
    Lano and Woodley are rightly regarded as one of Australia's all-time great comic duos. Their material is so wonderfully silly that it cannot help but be funny. Childish? Sure. Far-fetched? Absolutely. But if you can get through an episode without laughing out loud, there's something wrong with you.

    Also in the vein of Australian comic classics, The Adventures of Lano & Woodley never outstayed its welcome. We get only two short series, hitting perfectly the sweet spot between not enough and too much. Always leave them wanting more!

    Top notch.
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    • Author: Landaron
    Oh boy, I've been quite a big fan of comedies in the past so I decided to give Lano and Woodley a go. And this comedy has blown away many comedy shows.

    Whatever you're looking for in comedy, Lano and Woodley have it all. The story lines are brilliant and the acting is Oscar-worthy. These two people make me laugh all the time. For eg: In one such episode, Lano and Woodley keep saying 'Its Pocket Sized!' and now, whenever I hear 'pocket sized', I keep remembering these two people. Some of the comedy is recurring throughout the series, yet it doesn't make us hate it.

    Though, these two legends only produced 13 episodes I will always love it for as long as I live. One of my favourite things in this series is the beginning scene of every episode, where the two get fired on their first day, that is every episode except the finale. These firings of jobs lead to many disasters later in the episodes, especially 'Tonight You Die!' Lano and Woodley are simply Australia's best comedians and the best comedy show ever produced in Australia and one of the world's best.
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    • Author: YSOP
    A very witty quick paced TV show. With Colin Lano's (best last name!) Acting and Frank Woodley's slapstick ability and how he screams is very entertaining. When i first saw this i wet my pants laughing at the plane flighing off into the distance. My favorite episode is Star Quest.

    It's a great show. But the only problem is there funny together but are Lano's hopeless without Woodley. Woodley is kinda funny without Lano but when you get down to it he screams and does backflips. Thanks for reading!

    Australian comedies are undermined and should not be!
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    • Author: Golden Lama
    I have fond memories of watching this series when it first came out on TV and as soon as the DVD was released in 2002 I went straight out and bought it. It was wonderful to watch it again and It remains one of my favorite comedies.

    Col and Frank are hysterical and the dynamic between the two is undeniable. They are just fantastic. They seem to use EVERY type of humor available in this series; everything from slapstick to spoof to intelligent and almost black humor.

    The physical humor in this series was amazing as well. Watching Col dangle Frank by his feet, head first over the pavement and knowing that they really did it is incredible.

    Like a lot of other "cult" Australian shows (or bands, eg: TISM), Lano and Woodley are the comedians you either love or hate. In my opinion it takes a special kind of person to find these two cuties as hilarious as they really are. I've already infected quite a few people with the Lano and Woodley bug, by lending people the DVD or by expressing to people just how insanely funny they really are and driving them mad enough to look them up on the internet.

    A lot of their jokes are silly as are they, there's no denying it, but that's the beauty of it. The simplicity of stupid humor is sometimes very heartwarming. One of the most important things about Frank and Col is that they've never taken them selves too seriously, which is something that makes them very endearing.

    The story lines in each episode are brilliantly clever and will have you rolling around on the floor with hysterical laughter. There are also some really very quotable lines in this show. I have found my self stubbing my tow in the kitchen when I'm alone only to stop and sing: "I wish that hadn't happened." and which Lano and Woodley fan hasn't, in a moment of madness giggled when someone has mentioned 'the two men' ("it was so much more fun when all of us was here. us and the girls and the two men!)

    This comedy truly priceless and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
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    Colin Lane Colin Lane - Colin 13 episodes, 1997-1999
    Frank Woodley Frank Woodley - Frank 13 episodes, 1997-1999
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