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A distraught squatter tries to cope with his werewolf nature through drugs and music.
After each full moon Coyote wakes up in the forest, confused and sick. With no family, no friends, and no real home, he turns to drugs to try and escape the horrors of his late-night madness. He's just trying to get by, the only way he knows how. Joshua Burge of the Friction Records folk-punk band, Chance Jones stars in this genre-mixing, postmodern short, which borrows as heavily from the French New Wave movement as it does old-school monster movies. Shot in the endangered super 8 format.

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Was originally intended to be about a skinhead.

All sound was added in post.

Many of the scenes were improvised, without rehearsal, including the high-fiving skateboard scene. This comes from director Potrykus's and producer Saunders's love for cinema verité.

Potrykus denies that Coyote is a werewolf movie, stating that it is simply a "monster" movie.

Credited cast:
Joshua Burge Joshua Burge - Coyote
Juliet Bennett Rylah Juliet Bennett Rylah - Blonde
Katherine Marty Katherine Marty - Walker
Michael Saunders Michael Saunders - Dealer
Latasha Whitsett Latasha Whitsett - Body
Marci Stembol Marci Stembol - Brunette
Simon Brown Simon Brown - Skater
Vinnie Gallo Vinnie Gallo - Prostitute
Rob Lewandowski Rob Lewandowski - Smoker
Johnny Weekend Johnny Weekend - Victim
Sky Moy Sky Moy - Skater
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