» » Vid Spilum Endalaust (2009)

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A film poem following epic Icelandic rockers Sigur Ros on a 3 week tour, shot on Super 8 and developed by hand in the directors bathroom. An impressionistic, fragmented glimpse into the world of this enigmatic band.
Filmmakers must salivate at the chance to marry their visual streams-of-consciousness with Sigur Ros' music. The band, whose sound is nothing short of majestic, constructs epic narratives through instrumentation, piggy-backing the listener on fantastic journeys. For the director, it is a chance to recreate his own journeys on celluloid. In Nick Abrahams' Við Spilum Endalaust, the marriage involves a third entity: the band's music, the filmmaker's impressions of the band's music, and, now, the personnel involved -- the band itself, and those affected by the music, the fans. The film documents Sigur Ros on tour, though not necessarily on stage, realizing its raison d'être lies in solving the mystique that surrounds the Icelandic quartet and not reproducing by rote their live performances. The treat is witnessing the unveiling of a band that is largely enigmatic and the crystallizing of a music that was heretofore an abstraction. Shot appropriately in super-8, a format synonymous with ...

Credited cast:
Jon Thor Birgisson Jon Thor Birgisson - Himself
Orri P. Dyrason Orri P. Dyrason - Himself
Georg Holm Georg Holm - Himself
Davo McConville Davo McConville - Trampoline
Kjartan Sveinsson Kjartan Sveinsson - Himself
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