» » The World of Dragon Ball Z (2000)

Short summary

A review of Dragon Ball Z from the Saiyan Saga all the way to the Trunks Saga.

FUNimation Entertainment included this DVD extra on their 'Android Saga' DVDs and the 'Bardock Father of Goku' and 'The History of Trunks' DVDs. Madman Entertainment included it on their 'Z Warriors Prepare' DVD.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Christopher Sabat Christopher Sabat - Narrator / Piccolo / Vegeta (voice)
Tiffany Vollmer Tiffany Vollmer - (voice) (archive sound) (credit only)
Cynthia Cranz Cynthia Cranz - (voice) (archive sound) (credit only)
Chris Forbis Chris Forbis - (voice) (archive sound) (credit only)
Stephanie Nadolny Stephanie Nadolny - (voice) (archive sound) (credit only)
Dylan Thompson Dylan Thompson - (voice) (archive sound) (credit only)
John Burgmeier John Burgmeier - (voice) (archive sound) (credit only)
Lydia Mackay Lydia Mackay - (voice) (archive sound) (credit only)
Kent Williams Kent Williams - (voice) (archive sound) (credit only)
Linda Young Linda Young - Frieza (voice) (archive sound)
Bradford Jackson Bradford Jackson - King Cold (voice) (archive sound) (as Brad Jackson)
Ceyli Delgadillo Ceyli Delgadillo - Kid Goku / Kid Krillin (voice) (archive sound)
Mike McFarland Mike McFarland - Master Roshi (voice) (archive sound)
Sonny Strait Sonny Strait - Krillin (voice) (archive sound)
Sean Schemmel Sean Schemmel - Goku (voice) (archive sound)
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