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Take a $100 bill and create an adventure with a Taxi driver in the city of your choice.

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    • Author: Cordalas
    The $100 Taxi Ride is based on a great idea, to let the taxi drivers them self give the recommendation on what to see, including show their own interests.

    Unfortunately, $100 value depends on where in the world you are, and should not have been used as a criteria. $100 in Norway is not that much worth, and it would have been a very short trip. So, the criteria for the show, should instead have been like a day trip, or half a day trip.

    I am quite sure (but no proof) that it often was paid more than a total of $100, in many/all the episodes. You may correct me...

    So, to the show/series: The trips is made by at least two persons (you never see their faces or voices), and is filmed from a eye view. Moving around like tourists normally do, but in a high quality way. Many good shots and scenes.

    The presenter makes the whole show work. Good voice, presenting information about the places visited and describing everything during the episodes (including thoughts and funny observations).

    Many of the episodes is quite good (like the one from Bangkok, Thailand) and have some original and funny twists. But, some episodes have taxi drivers that are not very interesting (like in Ireland). Many of these parts (episodes) should have been removed from the show.

    Overall I like the concept (except for the $100 part), and that there some quite good episodes/parts (each episodes includes two parts from different places/countries).

    Verdict: 6/10
  • Series cast summary:
    Joel Stewart Joel Stewart - Narrator 11 episodes, 2001
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