» » Disruptor (1996)

Short summary

New promising LightStormer Corps recruit Jack Curtis must fight terrorists, space pirates and other threats to Earth's space colonies. President Krieger of Earth's United Nations also asks him to find a mysterious psionic orb for him.

The platform used to teleport into the training program at the end of each live-action cutscene looks strikingly similar to the IGN logo.

The game was originally going to be released on the Panasonic 3DO, but poor sales of the system canceled this. It wasn't until Insomniac Games signed with Universal Interactive that they got to develop the game for PlayStation.

Credited cast:
Donnie Jeffcoat Donnie Jeffcoat - Jack Curtis
Vaughn Armstrong Vaughn Armstrong - President Krieger
Christine Champion Christine Champion - Eve
Anthony Palermo Anthony Palermo - Blake Curtis
Trae Thomas Trae Thomas - Troy Alexander
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Tami Heide Tami Heide - In-Game Voice (voice)
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