» » Koibito yo My dear lover

Short summary

Just before two different couples (Manae and Ryotaro : Shoko and Kohei) are married, Manae and Kohei discover a secret of their spouses-to-be. While they are pondering over their decisions, they meet each other and become friends. Their friendship continues after their marriages with Manae choosing her home beside Kohei's. This certainly complicates things for Ryotaro, because he is Shoko's ex-boyfriend and the child she is carrying is actually his.

Credited cast:
Koichi Kato Koichi Kato - Ryotaro
Gorô Kishitani Gorô Kishitani - Kohei
Miki Mizuno Miki Mizuno
Tomoya Nagase Tomoya Nagase
Atsuko Sakurai Atsuko Sakurai
Honami Suzuki Honami Suzuki - Manae
Kyôka Suzuki Kyôka Suzuki - Shoko
Kazuhiro Yamaji Kazuhiro Yamaji
Gorô Ôishi Gorô Ôishi - (as Goro Oishi)
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