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Several people get locked in a turkish bath at night, being hunted by a brutal serial killer, who seems to be seized with the T.T. Syndrome, a brain malady that leads to painful sociopathy.

The film's original running time was 125 minutes, but it was cut down to approximately 100 minutes, which resulted in the removal of an additional subplot.

The budget was so low that none of the actors got paid.

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    • Author: Abuseyourdna
    O.K. Before I watched this movie, my expectations weren´t high at all. I expected some cheezy awful mess of an attempt to make a good horror picture in Balkan (?!?). After watching it, I wasn´t thrilled in any way, of course, but still, I wasn´t disapointed either. It was a cheap serbian splatter horror that I could actually watch without much laughter. The premise, of course, is absolutely absurd. There are a few guys (and 2 girls) trapped in a turkish toilet in Belgrade and a psychotic killer is on the loose (yes, you´ve heard me correctly, the movie actually takes place in the toilet). And this absurdity took my attention. By the end I guessed the killer more than easily, but the director maked sure that we receive a few more surprises. Zecevic understands that he´s making a splatter picture, so he´s not trying to be serious in any way (just like more famous likes of Braindead, Luther the Geek or The Last House on the Left) and he adds a few ridicolous laughs. The acting is more than good, maybe a little too good and sometimes it ruins caricaturical atmosphere. What I dislike most in this movie is some kind of an experimental horror editing, which failed big time. They even added some amateur camera shots, but this is not The Blair Witch Project or Man Bites Dog. So, T.T.Syndhrome is by no means a great movie, but still a very brave effort of director Zecevic to direct something that has never been directed before in Serbia - a real splatter horror. Congratulations to Dejan.
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    • Author: Mullador
    First, I would like to tell something to foreign watchers. I have never watched scarier splatter trash horror film ever. Must be mentality ruined perception of the film, or just the title to those people above .

    Try to watch it alone. Sickest idea is that you must realize what is t.t. syndrome? So if you answer me, you can write your recension without my negations.. This movie is a pure horror movie, but many Serbian films got a note of some sick melancholy in their core.

    They used innocence of baby and destroyed it through pathology they used to described. Murky piece of hell in the corridors of ex-infrastructures of Turkish empire on the territory of Serbia and psychotic atmosphere of worst nightmares.
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    • Author: Mr_KiLLaURa
    Yes, sadly this is the first Serbian Horror movie! I mean Horror movie that was conceived and made with that premise - to be horror (many Serbian movies have some horror elements but ...). As first - He's the only one so we cant judge it severely. We gotta tone down our criticism!

    This movie has this introduction thing that drags you in so deep that you expect true horror masterpiece! And it really holds up until the first hour has ended...then it falls and never gets back on its feet! Its like they (Dejan Zecevic and His palls I guess) didn't have enough money or enough powerful ending ideas (it was all made in war- time period so...)so great idea turned into nasty mess of a movie...

    So! This movie is average. On wider criteria - this movie is weak. But you get it, you watch it and make your own judgment! It already became cult movie - because it had good marketing plan and because its first true Serbian horror flick! Its better for new Serbian directors because they now have something to look up to!

    And one question to you all: Why does digital camera suck so badly?!
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    • Author: Mazuzahn
    I'm searching online for last hour and I find only negative reviews. I gave fair chance to negative argumentation and I absolutely disagree with all those reviews that underrate this movie. I saw it on the big screen when it was released and I left theater under strong impressions. 15 years later after watching it again on my computer I still have the same opinion. This is a great movie. Of course, it is not a masterpiece of cinematography, but which slasher horror is... This movie is important as first real Serbian horror. Many domestic movies have horror elements, but this is first completely horror movie. And within slasher horror genre it is excellent. Good story, strong acting, original ambient, and the overall atmosphere is perfect for this kind of film. To this day no movies came even close to this one, except maybe "A Serbian Film" (2010).

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    • Author: Riavay
    First off, this isn't first Serbian horror, but a first Serbian SPLATTER/GORE horror movie. Yes, this is cheaply done and VERY trashy, and such aesthetics makes the atmosphere just perfect. The movie is brutal, but such brutality is rather atmospheric and pathological, not really a shock-value thing as splatter movies are almost always about. Of course, there are plenty of graphic violence scenes going on.

    The plot is about a group of people being trapped in an old, quite forgotten public bath in Belgrade and being hunted by a serial killer there. Of course, that doesn't sound spectacular in any way, but the main story which goes behind is about mysterious psycho-pathologic disease named TT Syndrome. It's rather difficult to define what the disease really is (it seems totally fictional, although I'm not 100% sure), although it's certain that it's some kind of autism which displays through the social isolationism and psychopathic, violent behavior. There is also some kind of paranormal, mystic frame connected with the disease's mystery and the events in the movie. That adds a perfect arty trash value to the movie.

    The atmosphere is very gloomy, thanks the raw, near DIY production and filthy ambiance (most of the movie is happening in a toilet and the sewer underground). Most of trash points come from the acting, which is cheesy, but fairly solid anyway. Background music and sound effects are also trashy, very dramatic, with some bizarre charm.

    The only real minus of the movie could be that it's pretty obvious who the killer is, from the beginnings. That perhaps killed some tension and the drama, but then again, shock wasn't the point of this movie but rather a whole experience of it's atmosphere. The movie is by no way pretentious or deadly serious, there's also a small dose of entertaining humor going on.

    Overall, this movie is trash, but it gets beyond camp only thing. It's a amateurish masterpiece, if you can appreciate and understand it's ugliness. Definitely not recommended for fans of highly produced commercial horror.
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    • Author: Goltigor
    This is one of my favourite movies. It sends the strong message for those who wants to try to get in to some forbidden places and world, which they don't belong. Malice is something what sleeps in every single of us as greed, too. The cost of curiosity is more than you can imagine. Cat has nine lives, but immortals like people are, unfortunately has only one pointless and short life.
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    • Author: Malanim
    This is by far the worst movie that was ever made in Serbia,ex Yugoslavia or Europe for that matter. Laughable acting,no story,awful script and amateur editing!I am not sure what director was thinking when he was making the movie or how did he get the money to finance it.I was in the cinema with about 50 other people.After half an hour 30 of them left ,not because of the "horror" content of the movie or because they were scared or shocked but because they were BORED out of their mind. Some usually good and reliable actors in this movie are forced to utter the most preposterous sentences you will ever hear. STAY AWAY from this pile of c..p unless you are constipated!
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    • Author: Wenaiand
    I cannot recall the movie which is duller than this one. The story, the characters, the dialog, everything was pitiful. Even the good actors didn't helped. If it was only scary, but it isn't, it was only disgusting from time to time...

    Even now, after a year since I saw this movie, I cannot forgive myself I interrupted Unreal Tournament match with my friends to see this movie. I never will...
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    • Author: Malahelm
    OK, I've watched this movie because I heard it is the very first "horror film" made in Serbia. So far so good. But what I saw was a complete mess of mindless , wasted celluloid. Man, this movie is the worst I've ever seen. It's not even good-bad, it's just embarrassing bad. I don't even know where to start, but I'll try :

    • First off, acting. There is no acting at all. Nothing you would call so whatsoever. The acting is plain ridiculous. In fact, the acting crew almost would have made me laugh if I weren't so sad and sorry for having wasted 2 hours of my time watching this sick garbage. Man, I saw my friend act better in front of a doctor for getting a day off. Something which is really sad because I know some of those actors can do much much better.

    • The story. The story must be a BIG FAT joke. It's full of plot holes. NO, let me correct, the story is a BIG FAT plot hole! It hurts your brain if you start thinking about the story, so you better don't even start. After a while, you will get into a fit and ask: Why the h*** are they (actors) doing this or that?? Can anybody be so stupid?? Then, you will realize it does not make any sense to throw fits about this sad piece of junk. It makes me really wonder who on this wide planet is giving money to this director for releasing any films ?? Maybe he's the son of some wealthy guy there in SCG , I don't know.

    • The everything. OK, this is said to be a horror flick. Well, this movie will horrify you, but out of other reasons ( I've mentioned above). This one is just plain disgusting. Now, maybe some will say: But a horror movie has to be disgusting! NO! If I want to see disgusting things, I can go to a real autopsy or watch some drunk people vomit. Same effect and it won't take me those 2 hours. The effects in this movie are so sadly bad. The whole movie is dripping from this premise: "We did it for the first time in a Serbian movie!!" "Look , we have real fake buckets of blood in a Serbian movie for the first time!" "Look, we have real bad special effects make-up in a Serbian movie for the first time!" "Look , we have a placenta in a Serbian movie for the first time!" Yeah. Great. Way to go. Bljak!

    Of course there's no camera and no sort of editing. I'm not expecting Oscar worthy shots, but at least SOME effort or some signs of effort at least wouldn't hurt, dontcha think?? It's really funny how in some shots the camera is avoiding to show the killer's face. Hehe! Haha!

    I've read some reviews that you have to forgive those flaws because this movie was the first attempt of it's sort. Well then, I have to applause to everyone that fails miserably in his/her first test ? Also , this is not the first director's movie nor the first one of the actors. It seems to me that this particular director hasn't any idea of how a decent film has to be made. And I'm not expecting an "American" movie from our film makers. No. But I'm annoyed of watching a film that has the looks of a homemade flick that my neighbour's son shot with his digi-cam in for about 2 days. Annoyed by a script that is offending the intelligence of it's viewers and by actors that are actually getting money for doing **** like this. That's all.

    If you ever happen to come along a copy of this movie somewhere avoid it! Run away! And warn everyone around you to NOT pick up this movie and by no means or threats don't you never ever lay an eye on this disastrous sick piece of mindless trash! If it just were trash ... no it will make you mad at anyone that has suggested to you to watch this! You better believe me!

    Thank you for reading this long review.
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    • Author: Whitestone
    At first, yes its the first Serbian Horror, or something like that.

    This movie is really a horror movie, but just for them who are watching, this movie has a very good beginning, bat after some scenes it gets really, but really horrible! It seems like a mix of "I know what you did last Summer" and a stupid joke, just after the first killing scene, everyone knows who is the killer, just boring. After the first 5 or 10 minutes its, sorry, just boring, and stupid. And who think the end will get it, no, the end is the most stupid thing I have seen.

    Just, some parts become interesting, where the watcher get to know something about the killers son, and why the killer is Killing.

    For everyone, who didn't watch the movie: DON'T DO IT. Just the name sounds good, thats all.

    P.S. No one really knows what the TT Sindrom is, me also. That's a little bit confuse, but may be the author had no better idea.

    For the first Serbian Horror it's bad, but the Serbs never did before something like that, may that should be an excuse.
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    • Author: monotronik
    If you have ever wondered why in childbirth scenes we are never shown the actual umbilical cord this film is the answer. Save yourself the trip to the cinema and visit a meat market, kindly ask to be allowed to see meat get chopped and deboned you'll get the same feeling- plain disgust. The only impact the film will have on you is that you might consider becoming a vegetarian. Oh, and a 'shocking-plot give-away killer's scrapbook' and 'buckets of blood' and lines like "I'll be right back" will just make you shake your head and laugh.

    The scariest thing in the entire film is the state of public restrooms in Yugoslavia's capital (they put Trainspotting's "worst toilet in Scotland" to shame.

    The acting is actually good, the script semi-original and you might ask what went wrong- well, you can't identify with the victims because the characters simply -never - develop. It's scary when you see one splattered brain and a trail of blood but when brains are everywhere and blood is overflowing toilets that's when you head for the door.

    I give it 2 out of 10 for the 3 funny lines it has, 1 cool scene at the end and a very cool leather jacket.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Sonja Damjanovic Sonja Damjanovic - Teodora
    Nikola Djuricko Nikola Djuricko - Sale (as Nikola Duricko)
    Branko Vidakovic Branko Vidakovic - Cane (as Bane Vidakovic)
    Nebojsa Glogovac Nebojsa Glogovac - Vaki
    Fedja Stojanovic Fedja Stojanovic - HadziTosic (as Feda Stojanovic)
    Dusica Zegarac Dusica Zegarac - Margita
    Ljubinka Klaric Ljubinka Klaric - Tina
    Boris Komnenic Boris Komnenic - Magistar Djordjevic
    Dzemail Maksut Dzemail Maksut - Merlin
    Radmila Tomovic Radmila Tomovic - Mlada Margita
    Nenad Gvozdenovic Nenad Gvozdenovic - Sles
    Ljubomir Cipranic Ljubomir Cipranic - Pijanac (as Ljuba Cipranic)
    Mihailo Zaverla Mihailo Zaverla - Panker
    Suzana Ristic Suzana Ristic - Pankerka
    Tijana Mandic Tijana Mandic - Psiholog
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