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Unsealed Alien Files investigates documents of alien and UFO encounters, made accessible to the public by the Freedom of Information Act. Each episode tackles a compelling alien case by opening these previously off-limit secret files.

The grey alien in most episodes is played by Les Zmolik. He almost did not accept the role because of a schediling conflict to play the ghost of Lincoln in a community theater production titled "Are you going to eat that". He now only dresses as the grey alien 24/7 and offers to probe people.

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    • Author: SkroN
    Discovered on Season 1 Episode 19 that they say Bob Lazar worked as an Area 51 employee. This is 100% incorrect. His interview states he worked as an S4 employee 8 miles of Area 51. I wonder what else they've got wrong. Overall the TV series is interesting, however it repeats information over and over on different episodes which is quite annoying. If you want to watch a good series on this sort of stuff, I'd give "Close Encounters" or "Hanger 1: The UFO Files" a try as it is much better than this.

    Just like other comments on here, the series just states "they claimed" "they said" - they don't try and provide any evidence to make it legitimate or interesting.
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    • Author: Jockahougu
    This show is reasonably enjoyable as an introduction to the UFO phenomenon for those who are not otherwise well versed in the history of observations and attendant theories. Unfortunately, the utility of the show ends there.

    There is rampant misinformation: incorrectly cited personal names; incorrectly cited (or just plain mispronounced) place names; and incorrect (sometimes woefully so) dates. (The biggest offender in this department, by the way, is William Birnes, J.D., Ph.D.) I can almost deal with this.

    But what truly turned me against this show was the "revelation" that some loser had "decoded" the string of ones and zeroes that Sgt. Jim Penniston said he received "in my mind's eye" from the Rendlesham Forest UFO in 1980. How could anyone decode a random string of ones and zeroes and have any confidence in the result? What language do the aliens use? Is the binary ASCII or, perhaps, EBCDIC, or do the aliens have their own code? How remarkable that they believe in Roman characters! Worst of all, there are supposedly geographic coordinates --of the legendary island, Hy Brasil, no less! These are floating-point numbers. Amazing that they were decoded! Are they represented in mantissa/characteristic form with two sign bits? Are they fixed-point? Are they recorded in Intel format? PDP-11 format maybe? Why not CDC Cyber-6000 format? Anyone who claims to be able to ferret out useful information from a random bit string is full of it, and anyone who puts this "information" on his TV show should be shot.
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    • Author: Flarik
    Allegedly, this is supposed to be a show about ufo's and aliens. All I seem to see every week is a show that proves things are so, because "some people say", "allegedly", "many think". That's the hard data were dealing with here. Almost plays like a Fox News disinformation operation. They also like to mix in "some truth" to prove the complete speculation from the so called experts. It's that old "it must be true because no one can prove it isn't!!! Narrated by the right wing/ NRA hack and shill John B. Wells. He was even too conservative for the right wing propaganda on coast to coast AM! Makes you wonder what the point of this show really is? I recommend looking deeper when you watch this nonsense! Find a better source for your UFO info......
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    • Author: Niwield
    A lot of things are entertaining about this show, but a lot more things are pretty annoying.

    * Some strange webcam-ish effect with odd video and audio distortion during a lot of commentary. Looks like something a kid did in his room, but not as slick.

    * At one point asks why an astronaut was not panicked, when she radios that she sees a UFO. Well, she IS a highly trained professional and was chosen to go into space. I don't believe that NASA picks people prone to hysterics for space missions.

    * Constantly saying things that come off as panic mongering "Could it be the end of human life?" or "Has a war on humans already begun?" and my favorite "The final terrifying secret behind Area 51" Come on. I know you want ratings, this is more like a cheesy B movie at times, only instead of making it cool and interested, it becomes silly and what interesting information is given out gets watered down by a lot of rubbish * A handful of stories is run time and time again. I think if the footage were not repeated so man times (men in black, picture of an alien, Retired Air Force NCO's little black book of binary code which taught me that apparently aliens leave notes in peoples head in binary letters, but in the English language) there would be far fewer episodes.

    I am generally skeptical about alien life, but enjoy the subject usually but instead of watching this series out of interest, I found myself watching out of morbid curiosity about how many times they recycle the same clips, and how many times it is implied that we are about to be wiped out or assimilated by some alien species.
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    • Author: Visonima
    If you watch this series, and compare the information to other documentary series, you'll see that much of the information does correspond. I understand they take creative liberties and make assumptions, but the one common thread is the evidence that the U.S. government has handled the UFO controversies badly. There is no dispute about that. These shows are fun to watch, regardless of some issues and assertions. I think if you approach this as part entertainment and food for thought, your mind wouldn't be polluted. The critics need to lighten up. We have all the time in the world to gather evidence to prove that UFO's are alleged to exist, and none of us are under a deadline. And narration by Mr. Wells is wonderful.
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    • Author: Garr
    The first few episodes were interesting, but as you go through the series, they recycle everything. And when I say everything, it literally is. Footage, cheap computer generated animations, testimonies, stories, even the lines from the narrator get recycled now and then. The last episode I saw was about 4 stories they had previously covered and they brought nothing new at all, you could literally narrate the show yourself just by looking at the images. Another annoying thing is that they always use "people think" or "allegedly", didn't they have access to information? I mean did they find any evidence of anything? Because all you see and hear in that show is pretty much the same speculation you would have had 20 years ago. It feels cheap and made in a minute by a 12 year old. Also feels like 4 episodes would have been enough, but there are two seasons of 20+ episodes, I can't even imagine how bad it gets in the second season.
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    • Author: nailer
    Tired of skeptics and disbelievers expressing their opinion on UFO's and aliens? Watch this show. It's for those who actually believe and don't want a critical voice telling that UFO's sightings, abductions, etc. aren't real and can be explained naturally.

    The show has great narration, guest appearances from UFO impresarios like Bill Birnes and Nick Pope. It covers every famous UFO case and it covers every imaginable topic about UFO's, USO's, aliens, etc. It also has nice custom CGI sequences which gives the show an idiosyncratic flavor that I love.

    I also like that the show is only 30 minutes and not filled with padding and overlong recaps like other paranormal shows.
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    • Author: Granirad
    I have never heard such utter crap. The stories in these are unbelievable, and i do mean 'unbelievable'. No hard proof of anything. Recollections, word of mouth, rumours, theories thats all. NO SOLID EVIDENCE. I watch shows like this all the time. Not because im interested. Because it picks me up and makes me laugh.
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    • Author: SARAND
    Extremely interesting with never before seen video and photos of UFO cases.
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    • Author: Wanenai
    This is the best show ever. Monotonous, repetitive, constant. If You want to fall asleep THIS IS IT!

    Really! I use this show to fall asleep.

    Sometimes it provides "new" info. Every 5-6 episodes some new information makes it's way into the narative.

    I also like the ex defence minister Nick Pope - he is great! I mean he will tell you something like 'I can't officially say anything... but man! aliens are here and you should believe me". There is also another important fact about the series: it annoys my wife so, so much...
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    • Author: Mpapa
    I'm agreed on the fact that there is alien life, probably presence on earth, influence in the past over millennia; however this "documentary" is absolutely abhorrent. Whoever the writer was for this script should honestly be quarantined and put out of our misery. So many misnomers, scare tactics, and vague, vague, repetitive, repetitive (did I mention repetitive?) references that lead nowhere. He could probably make a whole season out of the recurring stories he tells throughout 3 whole seasons with no changes in claims. Which happens a lot. Yeesh. Worse than Hollywood and twice as crappy. Even the voice-over is geared for sheep. How many times can one show the same child-made "green guy with big eyes" (I've counted near two dozen in the first season alone, same sho) before it brings more discredit in connection to his reports to his claims? If the writer and collaborators really want to express to the public the seriousness of their claims, they would have never, EVER, produced this. Its completely crap. Facts? How about take out the "seems to be", "almost looks like", etc. Factually, an imposing but deceptive waste of time. Gaudy.
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    • Author: Ranicengi
    I use my 3rd eye and ever since doing so it takes me into signs of religion and shapes like the cross etc, - the Russian space agency used one such universal sign trying to contact star people & so do the american's, the 4 farthe's or at least one of them must have used his 3rd eye to have things set into place like they did, wow " - To get to use your 3rd eye most of us have to go through some kind of hell or torture / slavery that in turn sets us free someday, - I know id not go back in time and change a thing about my own life or id not have this gift most likely. - having a sun plasma experience is what changes anybody's mind about religion, - leaps of faith are the most important thing for us to Remember and not let our kids loose this either, they can have akashic experiences in there dreams better than anbody when it comes to ( Cliff falling dreams ) these are a test i think. - lee.
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    • Author: Haal
    This is the *Most Informative* TV Series that I have ever seen .. To inform the public of the Truth .. Is the *Greatest* Thing to offer mankind! We need to be more educated about Niburu .. the Planet that is on it's way towards Earth! I do fully believe that our American Government is working *hand in hand* with Grey Aliens .. In exchange for the Technology that we now share (somewhat) because I do realize that our Government is holding back a Hell of a lot of *things & stuff* from us. I do believe that Aliens have been visiting us since the beginning of time. I do believe all that American Hero Geologist Phillip Schneider has presented & showing his story in future episodes .. Is a Great Idea! I believe in the *Freedom Of Speech* & We Must Know .. What is actually going on in all of the New 131 Deep Underground Military Bases!? Please keep up the *Great Work* Sincerely, Xena.
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    • Author: Urllet
    Reliability and quality of the accounts are all over the place. Frequent citing documents that have no pedigree of authenticity. First episode starts with one of the least verified around: Project Blue Planet. It jumps all over even within each episode, repeats itself, and seems downright scatterbrained. Snippets of interviews from various people not even directly related to what they're talking about are sometimes cut between other various footage. There's a lack of objectivity and an undeveloped constant sense of alarm or revelation in the narrator's voice. It feels like a strange rush throughout combined with everything but the kitchen sink.

    I could also do without the extremely frequent images of the beings themselves, which, by the way, are more like horror movie versions here. I don't need to be bombarded by that stuff. After watching something thoughtful, restrained, objective, and well organized like the short two seasons of Close Encounters, most of Unsealed was difficult to tolerate. I think the highlight for me was probably the Australian aborigine episode, but they kind of blew it by going on too long about Pine Gap and other facilities. To be fair, some of the supposed witnesses and "experts" are presented here in a more unvarnished manner than other shows and I don't think they come off well. I suppose I should be thankful for that.
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    • Author: Monam
    Yes I believe in aliens. No I don't believe every story about ufo's. This show is very entertaining but it's as if they didn't think they would have repeat viewers. They repeat themselves over and over. They have about 10 different stories that they retell in various ways repeatedly. But as I said it's still entertaining.
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    • Author: Perius
    I've been deep into this topic for 20 years. And this series has to be the worst of any of this genre. Its kind of like alien files for Dummy's. To get any thing out of this show and claim to like it, then it would have to be first time watching said subject matter. It skims over the equivalent of two lines of a novel for each story. Not really giving the viewer anything apart from the name of the incident. Instead of fast forwarding through every story and doing ten in an episode. Just do one or two each episode. Then you don't have to recycle it again for the next episode. The genre is far ahead of things like 'alledgeadly in 1947 there was a UFO crash' It's 2016 and now there are whistle blowers from the CIA, NASA, FBI, military, pilots. The credible, modern stories are out there. On record, on video. Nothing new and nothing beneath the surface. You have the platform, you have the rights for pay TV. Do something with substance
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    • Author: Azago
    I have never seen a show like this go 3 season repeating the exact same case files in every single episode as if its presenting them for the first time. Come on, if the producers can't get new material then just stop. I honestly quit watching on episode 9 of season 3 because the previous 15 episodes are exactly the same. The same cases, the same information. In fact, it feels like Groundhog's Day to be honest. You're thinking am I imagining this or is it deja vu? No, it is neither. It is literally the same episode over and over. Give it a try but don't say you haven't been warned. With all the declassified information out there now they can't find enough information to put together a decent show without constantly repeating the same crap? I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that noticed this.
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    • Author: FireWater
    So disappointed with both the last half of season 2 and season 3. They keep repeating like 10 minutes of previous footage and shows to give 3 minutes of other info on it. No reason but lack of material to split it up like that. As a viewer, it's re-watching. I have given up double checking that I haven't already watched a given episode.....getting boring rehearing everything over and over and over. It's like they ran out of stuff 3/4 through season 2.....dissapointed....I was loving the show. I am now about 3/4 through season 3 and am about to turn it off now. I was impressed with the delivery, until I heard the speaker continue to make assumptions around limits of things/ships/beings based on our own limits...when just 2 shows before, you were showing extraordinary limits that were well known. Season 3 is sad and you should go back to the way you delivered for season 1.
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    • Author: Siralune
    I enjoy watching Unsealed Alien Files for the most part. I've seen pretty much all of this footage on various other shows. The one thing I can not stand about Unsealed Alien Files is how its main premise is focused on "a sinister alien force" and how the Aliens are planning to attack and destroy us. That is complete nonsense. If that was the case it would have happened eons ago. Don't get me wrong, I believe they are monitoring us (kind of like pets). My thoughts are that the government (powers at be over us) age laying the ground work for the next false flag/cold war situation. So when disclosure does happen way way down the road the ground work for an Alien invasion is already set in peoples minds. Those of us conspirist's know this and won't fall for it. Remember that most of what you see and hear is complete BS.

    If you really are interested in this and would like to know more I would recommend looking up Jim Marrs and Richard Dolan as a starting point.
  • Series cast summary:
    John B. Wells John B. Wells - Himself - Narrator / - 62 episodes, 2012-2015
    John Greenewald Jr. John Greenewald Jr. - Himself - Author & Founder, / - 39 episodes, 2012-2015
    Nick Pope Nick Pope - Himself - UK Ministry of Defense 31 episodes, 2014-2015
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