» » Unsealed: Alien Files UFO Zones (2012– )

Short summary

Unsealed: Alien Files examines areas of UFO activity that are also known for other strange paranormal phenomena. It looks first at strange lights seen in Woomera, Australia, and a strange space man that appeared in a man's photograph of his daughter. It also looks at the M-Triangle east of Moscow which is notorious for its unexplained objects and mysterious beings. It also looks at the Zone of Silence which causes radio interference and the San Luis Valley.

Episode cast overview:
John B. Wells John B. Wells - Himself - Narrator (voice)
Lee Spiegel Lee Spiegel - Himself - Writer for the Huffington Post
William J. Birnes William J. Birnes - Himself - Lawyer & Publisher UFO Magazine (as Bill Birnes)
Steve Murillo Steve Murillo - Himself - Section Director, MUFON-LA
Tom Durant Tom Durant - Himself - Paranormal Consultant & Radio Host
Steve Bassett Steve Bassett - Himself - Founder, Paradigm Research Group
Manuel Gomez Manuel Gomez - Himself - Cattle Rancher (archive footage)
John Greenewald Jr. John Greenewald Jr. - Himself - Founder, TheBlackVault
Phil Schneider Phil Schneider - Himself - Dulce Witness (archive footage)
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