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Desperate to repay a loan shark, a townie has-been decides to race in a charity triathlon with his little brother, setting in motion a scam with the potential to reunite the estranged brothers.

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    • Author: PC-rider
    I don't know what to make of this film, actually. I love the gritty feel of the setting. It was consistent throughout. A few technical aspects...a black eye wouldn't form that quickly, and his eye would be horribly blood-shot and swollen. Should've opted for a cheek blow...easier to fake with makeup. The boy was the most redeeming quality of the film, actually. And he didn't even have any lines. The filming was good, nice editing, nice cinematography, but the idea they rode on was a bit far fetched. It did hold my interest, however, and I was intrigued with the physically challenged brother. Very interesting facial expressions. Appealing in a What's Eating Gilbert Grape kind of way. A film built more around his character and how he navigates his life would be interesting.
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    • Author: Miromice
    it could be a touching movie. but something remains wrong. the acting, the passion for close up, the ambition to inspire emotion. and the bad use of basic idea. sure, a short film has its rule and in this case, the end seems be to send the duty for discover/invent the answers to the public. but not this is the wrong part. only the absence of empathy with the characters. the moral dilemma is too unpolished. the run - to theatrical, reminding Forrest Gump in fake way. not a bad film. only one with too many obstacles to the sensitivity of public.
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    • Author: Awene
    I'm not sure how or why the concept for this film came about, but I can say it is a vaguely interesting concept poorly executed. For something which could have been a deep and sensitive topic (i.e. coming to terms with a family tragedy caused by one's own hand), a disproportionate amount of scenes are dedicated to close-ups of the characters mugging, pouting and brooding for the camera...which adds nothing to endear us or advance the plot. To be honest, neither does watching a hairy-chested guy take a least for me. The actress playing "the hot chick"/girlfriend brought nothing to the role, except for more pouting and mugging. We have no clue through the acting, dialogue or script why she feels compelled to coddle and/or remain with someone who appears by all measurements a cowardly loser. Not convincing or well-executed enough to be uplifting.
  • Cast overview:
    Byron Clohessy Byron Clohessy - Pax
    Michelle Veintimilla Michelle Veintimilla - Mila
    Luke Prael Luke Prael - Ellie
    Eileen Weisinger Eileen Weisinger - Ms. Nichols
    Maechi Aharanwa Maechi Aharanwa - Trina
    William Popp William Popp - Ugly
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