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    • Author: Olwado
    Orpheus in the Underworld is one of Offenbach's justifiably famous works, it is enormous fun and has great music. I thoroughly enjoyed this production, though my first choice will always be the Natalie Dessay production from Lyon. Okay, the production here is not going to appeal to everybody such as the departure from the French language to English will. I have seen operas performed in English and even participated in a few so I had no problem with it personally. If there was anything I didn't like it was that some of the vocal talents are variable, most are fine but others not so much, Honor Blackman especially has a rather croaky sound to my ears. However, it is a good-looking production, and while hammy in a way the staging is full of vitality and freshness, though the opening scene for my tastes is a little bit static, and is enthusiastically performed. The orchestral playing is really excellent, the Can Can especially really sparkles, while Alexander Farris gives further proof that he is one of the better operetta conductors of this particular time. The performances are great, everybody gives their all and it gives, Lillian Watson in particular as Eurydice is really beautiful with a voice to match, while Felicity Palmer is a vocally and dramatically sensual Venus and Alexander Oliver, hit-and-miss for me usually gives one of his better performances. In conclusion, an entertaining romp but not for everybody. 9/10 Bethany Cox
  • Episode credited cast:
    Ambrosian Opera Chorus Ambrosian Opera Chorus
    Emile Belcourt Emile Belcourt - Pluto
    Honor Blackman Honor Blackman - Juno / Empress Eugenie
    Isobel Buchanan Isobel Buchanan - Diana
    Bernard Dickerson Bernard Dickerson - John Styx
    John Fryatt John Fryatt - Mars
    Christopher Gable Christopher Gable - Mercury
    Elizabeth Gale Elizabeth Gale - Cupid
    Alexander Oliver Alexander Oliver - Orpheus
    Felicity Palmer Felicity Palmer - Venus
    Denis Quilley Denis Quilley - Jupiter / Napoleon III
    Pauline Tinsley Pauline Tinsley - Public Opinion
    Lillian Watson Lillian Watson - Eurydice
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