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Mike and the 'bots learn the 80s were worse than they thought as they endure the putrid sci-fi epic, Space Mutiny (1988), which features bad continuity, ludicrous attempts at futuristic sets, a dull-witted blonde hunk, a Santa Claus lookalike with an elderly-looking "daughter," mystical women doing interpretive dances, Ed Grimley's doppelganger and more. Meanwhile, the 'bots complain about Mike's out-of-date encyclopedia set. Pearl and the others are trapped in a dungeon in Ancient Rome. The 'bots have a space battle in a couple of escape pods. Crow believes he's a Bellerian, i.e. a member of the race of women depicted in the movie. Servo constructs railings everywhere on the ship.

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    • Author: White_Nigga
    This is my second favorite episode of the show to me this had just the most laughs for me. The film is one of the worst space operas I've ever seen, I wouldn't go so far as to even call it a space opera, but a film making a poor attempt at being one.

    The production value is just terrible, the amateur films from "Dead Gentlemen/Zombie Orphus" look ten times better than this film because operating on a shoestring budget they at least put in effort. This film look like hardly any effort at all is put, I'm surprised that it was even made at all. Some of the star ship interior in some scenes you can tell some of it is from a factory, the title sequence is cheap as if done from a home video program, the computers look pedestrian instead of futuristic, the list just goes on.

    There is just a lot of hilarity, I really like how the crew points out the amount of cliché rail failing there are, you could almost make a drinking game out of that. Even like that in the break segments they put in a lot of railings on the ship for no reason, much like with the film.

    There is a chase sequence which is one of the worst chases I've ever seen (and one of the slowest) as we see both the protagonist go after the villain in what looks like a golf cart or floor buffer. One of the crew says my favorite quote which is comparing this film to the race sequence in "Ben Hur".

    But of course the highlight for me is the amount of names (which range up to 40 or 50) they give for the lead actor playing the protagonist whom of course is true to his name as it perfectly describes the quality of his acting. Those names just crack me up from how colorful and ridiculous they really are.

    In space you will scream at this film.

    Rating: 4 stars
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    • Author: Cordanara
    This was one of the first 'Mystery Science Theater 300' riffs I ever watched, and it is still one of the best.

    The film would be unintentionally hilarious even without the treatment from Mike and the Robots, but their commentary raises the bar even further.

    Plot, acting, SFX, stunt work, plagiarism, dialogue, continuity, it all adds up to a car-crash of kitsch. Nobody in the future, it seems, can shoot straight unless they are a blond lump of muscle with an oddly high-pitched scream.

    The baddie has a proper pantomime villain's laugh, and milks it for all it is worth. All the exterior shots are from 'Battlestar Galactica'. Then there are the 'priestesses', whose scenes look like really bad Kate Bush videos. Oh, and we have a rare incidence of "death by walking stick".

    Surrender to the magic or be blown to "astro-dust".
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    • Author: SadLendy
    When the crew of the Satellite of Love zero in on some poor schmuck to pick on, it's the stuff of legend. The Joe Don Baker thrashing in "Mitchell" was gold, baby! And in the case of "Space Mutiny", it works like gangbusters. This time, it's sturdy Reb Brown. Just look at some of the names they throw at him:

    Fridge LargeMeat; Splint Chesthair; Brick Hardmeat; Bolt Van der Huge; Thick McRunfast; Blast Hardcheese

    And my personal favorite: Dirk Hardpec!

    It's one after another with these, and they're all timed perfectly for maximum laugh value. Something so silly, but so damn good. As for the movie itself, oh man is it bad. Poor production values (stolen Galactica footage!), awful dialogue and all of the Commodore 64 graphics of a top Hollywood picture. It'd still be bad even if it had a budget. the movie's all kinds of terrible, but it makes for a top-shelf MST3K episode.

    No, scratch that. It's my favorite.

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    • Author: Rleyistr
    This episode definitely proved to have some of the funniest commentary. Honestly, how can you go wrong with Captain Santa Claus, Second-in-Command Sting, his daughter Debbie Reynolds, and a crew that wants to slit his throat? Not to mention that he brought aboard a chunk headed body builder who thinks driving a Lark at 3mph is an adrenaline filled rush.

    The best riffs definitely came from all the different names for the chunk head. In fact, there are so many names for him now that I can't even remember what his real name is. Top 5 in the alternative names - 5) Crud Bonemeal, 4)Gristle McThornbody, 3)Bob Johnson (just because it's thrown in so casually), 2) Slab Bulkhead, and 1) Big McLargeHuge.

    This movie more or less riffs on itself though, and not just because of the look-alikes mentioned previously. It's great because you can obviously tell how it ends with the laundry cleaner named guy sitting in a puddle before his eyes open. The sets were second rate too, especially in the terms of it being a futuristic space ship. I mean, who wouldn't want to build a space ship with concrete floors, brick walls, shattered glass windows, and enough pipes and railings to host an anti-gravity limbo contest?

    It doesn't quite top it's predecessor, "Invasion of the Neptune Men," but it definitely stands on its own as being one of the all time best MST3K episodes of the later season.
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    • Author: The_NiGGa
    The name riffs on the hunk are a bit overdone, folks. Too much of a good thing. But fortunately, the rest of this episode is supreme fun. The movie itself is so cheesy and 80's (in the worst possible ways, like terrible hair, laughable wardrobe, contrived love story, cheap production values, the actors in this turkey, etc.) that it would be great entertainment on its own, as one other reviewer has acknowledged already.

    The Satellite of Love plot lines, vast majority of riffs, and other shenanigans make this episode a well-deserved fan favorite. It's a terrific introduction to this awesome television series that has most- delightfully been reincarnated and funded for 14 new episodes, at last check. I give it a 9 1/2 rating, rounded up to 10.
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    • Author: Celak
    Space Mutiny: 3 out of 10: An all-white group of Space Nazi's fight against a rebellion from within their ranks while taking time out for romance and Disco. Oh, and Stevie Nicks and friends stop by to give free lap dances to Santa. This is considered the source of one of the best MST3k episodes. It's not hard to see why.

    The Good: It is the source of one of the best MST3k episodes and honestly is hilariously funny on its own. Not on purpose mind you.

    The Bad: I am going to go with everything here. I mean really the list of things Space Mutiny does wrong is practically endless.

    The Ugly: This was filmed in South Africa at the height of apartheid which gives a little edge to will our people survive when said by a big blonde guy wearing a white SS uniform.

    Mystery Science Theater 3000: Season 9 Episode 20: Space Mutiny: 10 out of 10; When people make lists of the best MST3K episodes Space Mutiny is often is in the top five (keep in mind this is out of an astounding 197 episodes). Even more impressive Space Mutiny is often given as the perfect starter episode to get people to watch MSt3k as it is remarkably accessible and honesty, as stated above, funny even without the riffs.

    The Good: Like the list of the bad above in the original movie review there are too many to list. Some highlights include a hilarious golf cart chases complete with surprisingly girlie screams. A dead woman who is resurrected in the next scene due to poor editing/continuity and a lead actress who do to bad lighting, bad makeup, or the fact she is secretly fifty looks a little long in the tooth for our lead Mr. Buck McGuffin. Oh yeah, our boys come up for some names for our lead actor... about fifty or so... and unlike the "are you ready for some football" from Laserblast it doesn't get old.

    The host segments are also decent but let's be blunt they are overshadowed by this masterwork. I mean the captain looks like Santa Claus, pimps out his daughter to anyone who manages to land on his spacecraft and gets mystical lap dances from Stevie Nicks in a Hot Topic store.

    The Bad: You know for how glorious the riffing was on this one I hate to say it but our boys left some big ones on the table. For one thing, all the space footage is from Battlestar Galactica. Not in a hidden way but in hey that is Battlestar Galactica kind of way. Second off all the good guys are wearing Nazi uniforms. I mean how can you just not say anything?

    The Ugly: Unfortunately the boys didn't find out that this was a South African production till after the episode was finished. I think that some well-placed riffs would have happened had they known. At the very least they wouldn't have blamed Canada.

    In Conclusion: As of this review, the uncut full-length version of Space Mutiny is available on Amazon Prime. Compared to the MST3K version it is well longer of course and believe it or not even sillier with some very brief nudity, The MST3K version, however, will definitely give you the gist and the edits may make the underlying film seem better than it really is.

    When I originally saw this episode I gave both the riffing and the underlying movie lower scores. I have to admit with repeated viewing it really has grown on me. The underlying movie has a "Room" quality as they drive around an industrial warehouse in golf carts pretending to be space warriors. The riffing is both spot on and a victim an embarrassment of riches. I have watched it multiple times and still laugh out load and new stuff. A great movie to watch with friends whether they are fans of such nonsense or not.
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    • Author: Ximinon
    This is a classic episode of mst3k. One of my favorites from the constant riffing of the lead actor and there ridiculous nicknames. To his constant screeching this movie delivers laughs. If you're new to mst3k this is a good one to start with. This and time chasers are my favorite episodes.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Bill Corbett Bill Corbett - Crow T. Robot / Observer
    Patrick Brantseg Patrick Brantseg - Gypsy / Roman Soldier
    Michael J. Nelson Michael J. Nelson - Mike Nelson
    Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy - Tom Servo / Professor Bobo
    Mary Jo Pehl Mary Jo Pehl - Pearl Forrester
    Bridget Jones Bridget Jones - Flavia
    Daniel Breyer Daniel Breyer - Roman Soldier (as Dan Breyer)
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