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Short summary

Chris and Sylvere proceed with their questionable scheme but Dick throws them for a loop that their marriage can't handle. Toby and Devon go their own way.

The lines were changed to reflect actor, Sebastian Cole's (Lawrence), actual first job, cleaning slaughterhouse floors.

This piece is titled "Trick or Drink" by Vanalyne Green.

The Hotel Paisano is a cool little Marfa hotel that some say is haunted. The dinner scene and fantasy scene from episode 101 was built in its transformed first floor lobby.

Chris was originally supposed to be waiting at the cafe in the Hotel Paisano. Director, Andrea Arnold, had the idea to have her sit on the back of a pickup truck instead.

This was filmed in a working bar - Tinhorn Flats in Burbank, CA. The Chicago Cubs were vying for the world series while the crew filmed late one night, and they felt guilty that local Cubs fans were dismissed from their bar. The crew watched on their phones during breaks. Co-creators, Sarah Gubbins and Jill Soloway, are Chicago natives and Cubs fans.

Painting by Mickalene Thomas, "Hair Portrait #14" 2013

Painting by Ulrike Muller, "Vienna Paintings" 2008

Painting by Nicole Eisenman "Death & the Maiden" 2009

It was Jill Soloway's idea that Dick shear a sheep for Chris in her fantasy. During production, the crew also shot another fantasy moment that included Dick riding up on a horse, scooping up Chris, and riding off into the sunset with her - both of them shirtless.

Dick's awesome hat had its own awesome carrying case that followed the hat around so it wouldn't get messed up.

A piece by Kara Walker, "(Three sentries) cotton fed" 1994 - 95

The art piece behind Paula is by Kara Walker. The show was so thrilled that Kara gave permission to use her blistering, provocative work.

The episode is titled, Illinx, which is a term coined by sociologist, Roger Callois, to describe a pattern of play which causes a momentary disruption of perception.

A piece by Mildred Thompson, "Helio Centric III" 1993

The Lost Horse is a real storied bar in Marfa where locals and visitors collide.

The Tracks is a local band based out of East LA.

This bathroom is the invention of amazing production designer, Cat Smith, who made a bathroom from a portion of one of the shows sets at Sunset Gower Studios.

The building is based on an actual space in Marfa called, The Skid, which was taken over by local artists to use as a makeshift art space.

'Man camp' was filmed in Stevenson Ranch on an actual working oil refinery.

Director Andrea Arnold wanted this scene to contrast the very different scene on the same couch in episode 103, where Chris and Sylvère are smoking pot on the couch.

Devon is writing a play; Roberta Colindrez, who plays Devon, also got her start acting in plays and is a member of the NY Neofuturists. The show writers, Sarah Gubbins, Heidi Schreck, Annie Baker and Carla Ching also write plays.

It was actress Yara Martinez's idea for Mercedes to call her sister Devon, "mi cielo," which translates into "my sky" or "my love."

A painting by Ulrike Muller, "Weather" 2013

Part of the all-female biker gang, Sarah Gubbins, was one of the bikers playing pool.

To get the vibe of the party just right, a real dance party was created that lasted for hours.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon - Dick
Kathryn Hahn Kathryn Hahn - Chris
Griffin Dunne Griffin Dunne - Sylvère
Roberta Colindrez Roberta Colindrez - Devon
Lily Mojekwu Lily Mojekwu - Paula
Adhir Kalyan Adhir Kalyan - Geoff
Stephnie Weir Stephnie Weir - Larchmont
Bobbi Salvör Menuez Bobbi Salvör Menuez - Toby (as India Salvor Menuez)
Phoebe Robinson Phoebe Robinson - Suki
Yara Martinez Yara Martinez - Mercedes
Gabrielle Maiden Gabrielle Maiden - Lila
Charlie Hankin Charlie Hankin - Marco
Jilly Hendrix Jilly Hendrix - Ruby
Sherry Cola Sherry Cola - Natalie
Sebastian Cole Sebastian Cole - Lawrence
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