» » The Redemption of White Hawk (1912)

Short summary

The story opens with an attack by Indians on a "prairie schooner." The father and mother are killed, and a small boy is carried away by the savages. After the marauders have disappeared a little girl crawls out of the wagon and is found by a body of soldiers on the body of her mother. The boy is taken to the Indian camp and adopted by the old chief. The girl, Dolores, is taken to the fort and given into the care of the commander's wife. The boy and the girl each wear a crucifix. Years later the boy, grown to manhood, leads a party of Indians in an attack on the settlement. But one man escapes. He reaches the fort and gives the alarm. The Indians later are captured. Flower Face, an Indian girl, watches the approaching soldiers, and manages to give a signal to White Hawk. The Indian dashes from the group and jumps to the back of a waiting horse and rides away with the girl. Lieutenant Lawrence and Dolores leave the fort for a canter. They are waylaid by three Indians and taken into camp...

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